Constellation of Aquarius

There are many stories connected with the constellation of Aquarius in history of the mankind. In the Babylonian mythology Aquarius is connected with the god Ea, who was always pictured holding an overflowing amphora. For Babylonians it was a male analogue of “the Great One” who was holding a goat-fish besides vase. It may be very interesting fact about Aquarius that in old astrology he was a symbol of the winter solstice. In Greek astrology of Aquarius, this constellation is depicted simply as a vase with stream of pouring water. In the Hindi zodiacal system it is called “kumbha” (means “water-pitcher”). The similarity in the general representation of the horoscope Aquarius sign and meaning of the name is the evidence of its common origin from ancient mythology.

In Greek mythology appearance of the constellation of Aquarius on the sky is explained in two ways. The first one tells that Zeus had strong affection to young boy and took him to Olympus to be a cupbearer for goddesses and gods. The other version concerns the Great Flood myth. Aquarius was believed to be a creature that flooded the Earth with water.

Scientific Aquarius astrology can be interesting also. There are three main meteor showers in this constellation. Eta Aquarids occurs during period April 21 – May 12. The peak of this phenomenon falls to May 5th, when shower makes 20-50 meteors per second. Delta Aquarids is divided into several subshowers. The Iota Aquarids also consists of two separate showers. As for Aquarius stars, the brightest one is called Beta Aquarii. Alpha Aquarii is the biggest Aquarius star (about 100 Sun diameters). The Aquarius star Gamma Aquarii is 25 times brighter than the Sun.

Horoscope Aquarius Sign: General Characteristics

People born under the horoscope Aquarius sign are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. They may be surrounded with acquaintances, but rarely have close friends whom they will trust. It is interesting about Aquarius people that they draw like a magnet unbalanced personalities, inclined to make reckless steps. Though, while horoscope Aquarius sign prefers to choose both friends and enemies for the whole life, he doesn’t exclude such persons from his contact circle.

Aquarius people are friendly, but sometimes it comes to obtrusiveness. However, even the most tactless representatives are able to understand which rules of communication should be followed. Aquarius subjects belong to such type of people who rarely change their mind, but yield to persuasion. But when somebody misuses this peculiarity, Aquarius feels offended and aggrieved; almost always he decides to take revenge, even when there is a risk to make harm to his reputation.

Such characteristics of an Aquarius as endless curiosity and ability to be interested in all spheres of life make him drastically different from other horoscope zodiac signs. These features hinder him to be concentrated on one thing, and usually Aquarius person produces impression of charming sloth, though he manages to accomplish multitude of various deals during his day. Ability to study quickly makes from representatives of the horoscope Aquarius sign real geniuses, but it produces very negative influence on the psychics of other people – there are many mentally sick personalities in between Aquarius subjects.

Men Aquarius usually succeed to combine romantic worldview with realism. They can commit unpredictable actions, but try not to endanger their lives. They are endowed with curiosity, tireless longing for knowledge and sentimentality.

Women Aquarius are gifted with beautiful appearance, they are not afraid to be extravagant and provoking. Besides that, they are intelligent, clever, attentive, intended to take their decisions independently. Aquarius female always gets her own way, but prefers not to be responsible for that.

Personality of an Aquarius: Psychological Portrait

Horoscope Aquarius sign belongs to group of the active zodiac signs, especially it concerns his mental organization: people, born under the Aquarius star, are easily excited; they often lose self-control, and feel uneasy for a long time because of the trifles. But Aquarius, endowed with strong inner energy, will perform real acts only under the critical circumstances – in these cases their inner strength, ability to stand for his interests and protect other people’s interests will be expressed fully.

Representatives of the horoscope Aquarius sign like being in public, they momentarily find friends and acquaintances, but inwardly Aquarius always feels lonely. His interest to surrounding people and life in general is rather of scientific-theoretical nature; it is more fascinating to get known new information than make an effort to change situation.

Personality of Aquarius is very sensible and on account of that they are extraordinarily tetchy. It is difficult to get along with representatives of this zodiac sig, because they bear grudges long while; they seem to be unable at all to forget something else, besides their own promises.

Actions of the Aquarius people seem to be deprived of logics, but this impression is deceptive. Usually Aquarius subjects are armed with information not available for other people, and according to their position in society they should take into account factors, unfamiliar to wide public. Unfortunately, Aquarius uses his skills and knowledge not very often; he ponders over possible events, but doesn’t proceed to actual actions.

In addition to that, horoscope Aquarius sign is inclined to the charitable activity; he is more enthusiastic about doing something for general good, than for his personal needs, and spends borrowed money more rationally than his own.

The Element of the Horoscope Aquarius Sign

Horoscope Aquarius sign represents the Air element. This explains wideness of his soul and ability to penetrate into multiple spheres simultaneously.

The Air of Aquarius includes all atmosphere slices; representatives of this zodiac sign may become interested in something earthy as well as something very elevated.

Opening the window for vernal wind, rarefied mountain air, planes flying on enormous speed – all these things take their place in life of Aquarius subjects, but it is not sufficient for them. This horoscope zodiac sign is able to retain absolutely calm even in the epicentrum of any tornado and in stuffy and comfortable he will get bored indispensably. Need to breathe chestful compels Aquarius to avoid narrow and passionate embraces.

Health Horoscope Aquarius

Representatives of the horoscope Aquarius sign don’t belong to stalwarts vibrant with health; though they have got very restricted resources of strength from nature, these people spend their power very generously. In their young years they already know what notions chronic fatigue, insomnia and increased fatigability mean. Aquarius subjects are recommended to take care about their nervous system. They hate acknowledging their weak points and suffer because of that much more.

Many representatives of this horoscope sign have serious problems with eyes and suffer blood-vascular system disorders. Elderly Aquarius people have troubles with melosalgia, varicosity and embolism.

To keep fit, Aquarius should not to lay to heart different trifles, have enough sleep, be active and go in for sports. But people born under this zodiac sign observe these simple rules by no means always. Since they become addicted to something new quickly, they can absolutely forget about healthy way of life, and in addition to all that, such people are prone to try doubtful and sometimes risky methods of treatment.

Aquarius is seldom concerned with problems of healthy nutrition, for this reason he suffers from problems with digestive system. The situation is frequently aggravated by diets, which were not discussed with nutritionists. For people of this zodiac sign alert attitude to doctors is characteristic. Even preventive examination at the dentistry is postponed for a year or two. If pain bothers them, they would rather suffer torments, than allow doctors diagnose their ailment and prescribe treatment.

Love Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius people are bright and unordinary personalities, for them the sky is the limit. They produce groundless and completely false impression of aloof and unemotional individuals on surrounding people. This opinion influences negatively private life of the representatives of the horoscope Aquarius sign. There are not many persons able to get on with Aquarius, but anyone who will manage to do that won’t retain indifferent to Aquarius nature.

Perhaps, one of the most serious issues for Aquarius subjects is finding harmony between striving to novelties, aspiration to find their own way of life, wish to follow all traditions and avoid everything that can cause conflicts with surrounding. Even in the closest relationships Aquarius wants to be somewhat imperceptible, and keep part of his sensations in secret and have his own territory, sometimes quite extensive territory. It is hard to balance two equally strong desires – to have a partner and to be independent, and those people, who think that they succeeded to do that, usually don’t suspect, what kind of sacrifice they have made.

Aquarius doesn’t come under outward influence; he is used to give his law to others, but makes this very delicately and softly. Some representatives of this zodiac sign apply methods of psychological manipulation and get offended in real earnest when being brought to light. Aquarius natures are usually looking for a partner, who can be entrusted with everything; harmony in relationships implies that beloved can trust Aquarius too. This point is momentous. Other seven problems may be solved.

Aquarius feels like a prisoner in his/her romantic relationships

Horoscope Aquarius sign consider freedom to be very important and he prefers to avoid anything what can be estimated as an attempt on it. But love relationships demand refusal from freedom to some extent. When Aquarius male should take into account partner’s interests, desires and expectations, he feels upset, really unfortunate, but confesses that they can’t but do that.

Situation becomes critical, when connections of the romantic relationships are perceived as a system of restrictions and bring no pleasure at all – this state of things should be avoided. Undoubtedly, some “personal territory” should be observed; otherwise, man Aquarius will barely feel comfortable. Though, personal area may cause mutual pretenses and offenses, if his partner will to cross a border he/she didn’t think of. A main task of men Aquarius is to make it clear for a partner that they are not going to insulate themselves or hide something that may cripple their relationships; existence of that very personal space is not a sign of their coolness. Being sincere and open-hearted with those people, who are dear to them, is of crucial importance; if their feelings are mutual, men Aquarius will manage to be both loved and free at one time.

Partners can’t find common language

Aquarius people are deservedly recognized to be perfect speakers, but when they speak about their feeling, the mentioned eloquence as if vanishes into the air. Actually, when it comes to emotions and sensations, a barrier emerges, to overcome which can be a formidable problem. Being used to wear the mask of coolness and prudence, Aquarius suffers painfully, when nobody is able to grasp deepness of his feelings. To be understood by partner and to understand him/her Aquarius should give up being “man-puzzle” at least for some time – without openness on deep emotional level constructive dialogue is impossible.

One more aspect of this problem is connected with characteristic for Aquarius habit to speak a lot – it leads to appearance of numerous difficulties, when beloved of Aquarius is not endowed with ability to listen patiently and differentiate necessary and unnecessary information. When women Aquarius deal with such type of people they should be ready to make difference between the main and the secondary, not waiting until partner will do this instead of them. Concealing problems behind beautiful words and false logical constructions is not a way out. Simplicity and pithiness will contribute to better understanding between partners.

Aquarius fights with his/her partner too often

Aquarius has never seemed to be a tyrant, in reality he always strives for everything to be done in his way. The paradox is that representative of this horoscope Aquarius sign cannot be happy with a person, who always connives with his whims and understands this intuitively in the beginning of the relationships. Aquarius female chooses a strong partner, able to resist her – in such way their fight starts, latent for surrounding people, probably it is not a conflict or a quarrel, but all the same it discomforts both partners. Situation is getting red-hot and any trifle can turn into a bomb, undermining the base of the relationships. It may seem that making peace after a quarrel is not complicated undertaking, but with flow of time many pitfalls can be revealed. Solving problems is not a cup of tea of Aquarius people.

To avoid quarrels, woman Aquarius should try to be softer, not just outwardly but inwardly as well; and open-hearted, even when everything goes its way. When her beloved is ready for constructive conversation, lady Aquarius is expected not to oppose his point of view. When getting offended, taking refuge in silence, making ultimatums and compromising only in cases when discussion ceased to be friendly and peaceful, she creates unfavorable background for further development of the relationships. Of course, it is senseless to take responsibility for all discords; but it will be far worse to expect endless concessions and indulgence of all the caprices from the partner’s side. Aquarius female should bear in mind that her beloved is human creature first of all, but not a toy.

Aquarius has difficulties with finding an appropriate partner

Such complaint pronounced by Aquarius may seem quite strange, because representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign have wide contact circle and are not deprived of attention from other people. But it rarely comes to serious relationships; because for Aquarius it’s not easy to fall in love with somebody: men of this sign notice all vices of all people around them and expect to become vulnerable after their hearts are opened. He isn’t going to lose his independence.

For this very reason, people paying explicit courtesies to Aquarius may seem to him absolutely unsuitable, and even idea about dating with them can sounds to the representatives of this horoscope sign strange. Astrology of Aquarius admonishes him to be less prudent, because far not every person who likes him is his enemy or foe.

On the other hand, before beginning really serious relationships, Aquarius should get known his partner better. Strangely enough, but as for love affairs, intuition of the horoscope Aquarius sign cannot help here, and on account of that he sometimes makes strange or even awkward choice, while being guided by first impression, or his friends’ advices, or just by desire to spend time with somebody.

There is a very high probability for representatives of this zodiac sign to meet their fate in between like-minded people, who share their likes and dislikes. After discussion of interests, visiting of special events, clubs and forum partner of woman Aquarius will not attempt at her hobby.

He/she doesn’t treat Aquarius seriously

Aquarius makes extremely high demands to his/her partner, but never burns bridges. Aquarius male prefers to remain intangible and incomprehensible, but he wants to be important and irreplaceable for partner and becomes disappointed when it appears to be not so. Man Aquarius may have serious romantic relationships with wise and knowing life people. His beloved should take him as he is and doesn’t try to change him. But in this case disbalance of the love affairs is also possible. Having great sense of humor, representatives of the Aquarius horoscope sign don’t like to be mocked at. They are enthusiastic by nature and expect partner to be absolutely constant. Such characteristics of Aquarius as eccentricity, independence and inclination to strange tricks cannot be left unnoticed. When men Aquarius feels to be ready for business relationships and family, he becomes practical and predictable.

Women Aquarius should keep in mind that serious relationships include long-termed duties as well – those very duties they endeavor to avoid always. Their partners will treat them more seriously, when readiness of Aquarius females to take responsibility not just for their actions, but for development of the relationships as well, will be evident. While discussing with a chosen person her plans and asking his opinion as for them, woman Aquarius will make it clear to her beloved that his standpoint is not indifferent for her – and, in her turn, she will get known what place she takes in his life.

Knowing about their inherent intuition, Aquarius people often lose their trust in it, when it comes to romantic relationships. Representatives of this horoscope sign should learn to trust their feelings and share them, become more open to their chosen persons. From time to time even close people feel that heart of Aquarius female is closed for them, and this state of things becomes a cause of disharmony. The ideal partner for lady Aquarius can be a person, able to be her beloved and friend at one time. Is it possible to friends with an intangible and unapproachable individual?

Aquarius is afraid that his relationships will be broken down

One will consider paradoxical the fact that Aquarius subjects, independent and freedom-loving by nature, sometimes become prisoners of relationships, which do not satisfy them. They can be victims of the partner’s manipulations and feel unhappy, but don’t take pains to change the situation. Does it mean that Aquarius is afraid of loneliness? Not exactly; actually, Aquarius is afraid of being left alone with his feelings and sensations, which may appear to be so strong that he will hardly manage to quiet them.

Man Aquarius makes impression of a person able to control his emotions. He tries to avoid intense stresses, which may free those emotions. Breaking up with his partner, even in case the relationships were not harmonious, is very stressful situation. Giving his feelings more freedom even in daily behavior, Aquarius will be ready psychologically to take decisive actions and understand better the essence of his emotional pains.

Prudence and coolness sometimes are not excessive in romantic relationships, but for Aquarius they will be of no use, because intuition and attention to strivings and aspirations play the key role in his life.

Aquarius is not ready to create a family but his/her partner insists on marriage

Woman Aquarius may have no need in marriage, even in her mature ages. The point is that she is afraid of taking responsibility – far more serious danger for her is loss of freedom and independence as well as appearance of people who will control her actions. Aquarius female should analyze her idea of marriage – it may seem to her a trick, getting away from which is impossible. Most of Aquarius subjects are prone to prefer untraditional type of relationships. For instance, she decides to live apart from her beloved to have a place for solitude. Or she denies official marriage and doesn’t want to make common purchases. If her partner is ready for these peculiarities, difficulties may be surmounted, but usually such situation is suitable only for women Aquarius.

Curiously enough, but besides her independence woman Aquarius has got one very important feature – longing for love and emotional harmony, though sometimes she doesn’t feel that he wants to create a family. To make concessions for partner’s advantage without having need for marriage is total failure. But dispelling dark illusions as for family life may be useful. It is not worthy to fear that family will be an obstacle for her aspirations and achieving goals, but all the same this action requires from Aquarius female to be decisive and practical.

Women Aquarius shouldn’t allow her partner to manipulate with her future, but if her and his plans coincide anywise, compromises will help to save relationships and achieve common harmony.

Career Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius people often dream to build a business career, but it is more lucrative for them to remain employees; on this position they are responsible and achieve better results.

To be successful in commercial sphere Aquarius lacks willpower and thick skin to protect their delicate soul from the harmful impact of the surrounding world. People born under the Aquarius star rarely risk conscientiously and use their chance too late.

In between Aquarius subjects there many famous people, art and literature give them more opportunities to express themselves.

Aquarius may be successful in spheres where communication with people is required: journalism, sociology, teaching, but they will never devote all life to work.

Sexual Astrology for Aquarius

Passionateness of Aquarius representatives is of humanistic, but not of sexual-erotic nature. Their love to mankind is incomparable even with the brightest love affair. Aquarius chooses partners between those people, who are indifferent to him. Even the weakest Aquarius subjects have enough energy to conquer inapproachable fortresses. Sitting duck is not interesting for people of this zodiac sign; they would rather express prodigy of captivation and demonstrate various sexual talents to hold escaping partner.

Aquarius produces impression of the sexually active people, but intimacy is interesting for them forts of all from theoretical point of view. Relationships with Aquarius is rather intellectual than physical, and is special because of long sincere conversations than bright passionate moments.

Horoscope Aquarius: Marriage and Compatibility

Love Aquarius can be extraordinarily strong, though usually he doesn’t show it. Moreover, they prefer to keep away from that person, who has stolen his heart out of fear to be deceived and to lose his freedom. Aquarius may be burning from passion and keep indifferent outwardly.

Aquarius subjects try as long as possible to avoid constant relationships or marriage. They can’t endure jealousy as they are not jealous at all.

The best matches for Aquarius are Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius. Elevated aspirations and sensitive souls will be bound forever.

Absolutely incompatible with Aquarius are vainglorious Leo and unconfident Libra.

Culinary Horoscope for Aquarius

For Aquarius people vegetarian diet will be useful, he is able to exclude meat from his rations without any problems, but chips, bakery and fried potatoes he likes are not healthy at all. On the other hand, representatives are completely indifferent to fresh fruits and vegetables. Apples, pomegranate, rice and buckwheat should be included into ration of Aquarius anyway.

Horoscope Aquarius for Children

Aquarius child is very capricious, unpredictable and fidgety. From time to time, little Aquarius can shock his parents and other relatives. Children, born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are endowed with special aptitudes but to reveal the nature of their talent is not easy. Uncatchable inspiration plays great role in their lives.

Aquarius children are wonderful inventors; absolutely phenomenal ideas come to their minds some times a day. But all problems appear on the stage of realization. Firstly, Aquarius people are restless: secondly, they ignore all advices; thirdly, they overrate their skills and possibilities.

Aquarius Cusps

Capricorn/Aquarius cusp falls to period January 16 – January 26. These cuspians have wide social interests. They take immense pains to be successful at work. Of course, such Capricorn/Aquarius traits as self-discipline, ability to settle goals, practicality and dedication to their deal help their dreams to come true.

Aquarius/Pisces cusp (dates February 16 –February 22). Water and Air create very strange mix. As a result, personalities born in this period are intuitive, undertaking, socially oriented and somewhat weird. Inner conflict of logical Aquarius nature and particularly emotional Pisces will never come to end.