Horoscope Aries Description

Horoscope Aries sign has the honor to open a zodiac cycle on the date of March equinox: when all astrological zodiac signs got their names, the equinox point resided exactly in the constellation of Aries. Moreover, people born under the Aries star have got enough power and sense of purpose to move forward even in adverse conditions.

Astounding energy and indefatigability are such traits of Aries that become the talk of the town, likewise their stubbornness and complete lack of flexibility of his character. Aries is unable to make compromise even out of tactical considerations. They cause damage to themselves being too young and not able to quiet their natural hot temper.

Such characteristics of an Aries as their natural optimism prevents representatives of this zodiac sign from losing heart even in the most untoward conditions, but critics, especially expressed by relatives, can give them heebie-jeebies. Being too vainglorious, horoscope Aries sign has great need for permanent encouragements, recognition and award.

Strong character appropriate for women Aries can be eased to some extent by their inherent softness, but when they discover obstacles on their way, common for personality of Aries traits prevail over their female delicateness. Temper of a woman Aries is more complicated than that one of a man Aries because of the distinct idealism, disability to take gauge of people rightly and enjoy life as it is.

Men Aries can impress other people with insistence and business acumen, but in depth of their heart they remain children till they grow old and grey. They burn daylight to solve problems that are not worth a sixpence, but have difficulties with focusing on the really important goals. Man Aries shuts his tear to sound advices but demands sympathy when he meets with failure.

Personality of an Aries: Traits of Character

Aries belongs to active signs, also called male. Traits of character peculiar for representatives of this zodiac sign, don’t give them chance to be left aside from all life events or just to isolate themselves in the world of their family. Arians are not just open to the world; they are absolutely convinced that they are capable to change, for this purpose they will spare neither trouble nor expense.

People born under the Aries star are subjected to emotions, and don’t make attempts to hide them. Feelings and actions of Aries are unpredictable; he doesn’t imagine what the bad aftertaste of the abuse is. Both their good and bad mood vanishes into the thin air.

The Arians are extroverts, but problems of the people surrounding them don’t bother them much: representatives of this horoscope zodiac perceive this world as a background, on which they are expected to stand out and show themselves from the best side. There is nothing strange in this situation; personality of an Aries is always concentrated on his own interests. By reason of not knowing the first thing about human psychology, this sign easily becomes a victim of the experienced manipulators.

Notwithstanding persistence and invariable self-confidence, the horoscope Aries sign is prone to take into consideration logical arguments, though prefer to use their own highly-developed intuition.

The Element of the Horoscope Aries Sign

The element of the horoscope Aries sign is Fire. It has awarded its representatives with immense power, outstanding impetuosity and prominent invincibility.

In the trigone of Fire (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo) Aries differs due to some aggressiveness in all spheres of life, no matter, whether it is area of business or emotional concerns. Arians are able change the directions of their activity momentarily and likewise recondition after their defeats.

The Fire can ulcerate the weakest persons in between Arians – they don’t know how to cope with their own energy, they burn themselves, but the rest of representatives the element endows with an opportunity to rule the minds of other people, will to power and yearning after adventure.

Strangely enough, but horoscope Aries sign burns himself, and received injuries can be quite serious. This peculiarity illustrates supremely well inability of Arians to take advantage of remarkable potential given them by nature.

Health Horoscope Aries

Those Arians, who got used to power and persistence of their organism, are guilty of problems with their health. They work too much, sleep too little, ignore the principles of the balanced nutrition and don’t have enough patience for regular physical exercises.

Almost all representatives, as Aries astrology states, sooner or later get their heads injured. Besides that, people of this signs are predisposed to migraines and eye diseases. What is strange about Aries is that they avoid visiting doctors and prefer to self-medicate carelessly.

While Aries has strong predilection to the tasty but unhealthy food, his skin is erupted.

It would be a great piece of luck for Aries to find a person, able to remind them about necessity to have a rest in a delicate and unassuming manner. Physical activities and regular healthy nutrition are vitally important for Arians.

Love Horoscope Aries

Aries gets from its ruling element extremely strong energetics and aspiration to be a leader. Representatives of this sign waste too much time in different contests instead of spending time with purpose to succeed in a sphere; they acknowledged the most important for future career. While comparing his achievements with that of the other people, Aries feels discomfort because his results are not so impressive. Then he takes pains to get not what he wants, but what other people have. So, the precondition of his success is right settlement of the goal and well-thought-out application of their efforts.

Horoscope for Aries says that his life is complicated because of inability to concentrate attention and keep their interests to certain things alive for a long time. Patience and constancy are not the traits of Aries due to which he stands out. Because of that they make failure trying to build long romantic relationships. It is generally known fact that Arians can’t be faithful. Quite often their candidatures are not considered for a role of beloved. Of course, there is nothing good for Aries in such state of things.

Let’s consider 7 typical problems of Aries in romantic relationships.

Horoscope Aries sign suffers from loneliness

In this very case mentioned above statement means that Aries doesn’t see in his range of vision a person, who will be not just attractive but also unapproachable. There is nothing more exciting fort Arians than opportunity to overcome obstacles, enchant, conquer and melt the ice of the cold heart. Those people, who are friendly and disposed to Arians from the very beginning, have no chances to draw their interest.

To become happier, Aries should realize that romantic relationships are not chasing, and his partner is not a trophy. It would be better for him to look around; probably he will notice people, communication with whom could be pleasant. Speaking in general, Arians do not suffer from lack of attention of their worships, but they worry that they haven’t found “that very person”. The sweetheart of this zodiac sign should be able to evoke his deepest and strongest feelings and keep up interest of the beloved. Astrology for Aries advises them to find something interesting in people in their surrounding, but not just to sit awaiting the fateful meeting, which will be a turning point in their life.

It is necessary to admit that Aries male can suffer terribly from the loss of his self-belief after break-up of his romantic relationships or divorcement. After getting into such situation, horoscope Aries sign is prone to look for new partner, but serious feelings will appear. There are some variants to develop this story. Some Aries males decide to punish new girlfriends for misdoings of their previous beloved. Other men Aries are trying to find a person to sympathize with them and then get into a trap, becoming addicted to a careful and kind girl. The third type of Arian is afraid of big competition and because of that bursts into relationships, absolutely inappropriate for him. The most adequate solution of this problem is not to hurry with beginning a new affair. You should revive your self-belief. Meeting people, communication with them, frequent going-outs and hobby are your best remedies.

He/she doesn’t understand me

Lack of the mutual understanding between partners is quite a typical problem for many zodiac signs. As for horoscope Aries sign, he comes up with it because he produces a false impression. It may be difficult for Arians to sort out what they want. Their partners imagine them to be energetic persons, sometimes aggressive: able to take care of themselves, protect the weak and overcome any obstacles. Undoubtedly, all characteristics of Aries mentioned above are true. But they should bear in mind that sometimes such moments occur, when they want to get help, hear some words of encouragement or just to be an object of somebody’s care.

Don’t hide your vices; don’t feel shy to ask what you want. On the initial stage of the relationships it is recommended for you to look after yourself and control emotions, tone and form of your requests. In general it is worthy to learn how to remove aggressive and metallic intonations from your voice while speaking with your partner.

One more thing for men and women Aries to be kept in mind is the obligation to explain their actions. Their partners deserve to be respected and informed about reasons of Arians’ behavior.

My partner is interested only in sex and I want to have serious relationships.

This problem is more common for Aries female. All we can do is to repeat what is stated in horoscope of Aries: nobody can say what your partner thinks about. Maybe, similar ideas bother him. Arians highly appreciate intimacy in relationships and do not conceal this fact, but the point that they have want for spiritual affinity is often left without attention.

The problem is that under the term “serious relationships” women Aries understand something very special – united conquering of the dangerous peaks, overcoming the wear and tear of life, fighting for their happiness. Unfortunately, their partners may have completely different wishes. A person, who first and foremost dreams about calmness and confidence in his marriage or romantic relationships, will perceive all actions committed by Aries as extravagant pranks, adventures, unfortunate jokes. To be short, all these things shouldn’t be present in serious relationships. In such manner we can define this problem as a conflict of interests. To solve it without expository conversations is impossible. Aries should be ready for this probation.

I love him/her, but I feel bored

Men Aries can’t stand boredom. Sometimes such state of mind is the only thing Arians are afraid of. On the initial stage of their romantic relationship usually there is no space for monotony – even in case obstacles on the love way are absent. Aries man arranges for his partner various shakes like breaking up forever with purpose to freshen their feelings. With further development of the relationships, situation will change. Sometimes a partner gets accustomed to man’s Aries tricks and stops reacting to such trifles in the old way. The second variant is: girlfriend brings home to Aries that she is not going to endure such attitude in future. As a result Aries becomes low-spirited and bored.

One would think that the way out is obvious – partners can find common interests and hobbies, which will add diversity into their life. The point is that Aries has more energy than other zodiac signs, and his longing for changes is stronger too. You won’t be bored if each of the partners will keep right to independence and autonomy, but this is not a key advice. Stable relationships can be interesting and fascinating like conquering a person you like. The sooner you’ll realize this, the better for you.

We cannot make a compromise

There are many Arians who are not able to engage their partner into the constructive talk, under such negative influence any conversation is transformed into a quarrel. Aries zodiac sign should study how to agree with each other. Our recommendations are quite simple and meant both for men Aries and women Aries. But to follow them may be really difficult undertaking. To train your communicative skills try to talk on general topics, which do not have direct concern to you or your partner. Do not spare time to listen to your beloved, and agree with him at least partially. It would better to leave the thought that by denying what you’ve heard, you can prove your intellectual superiority; in other words – do not fight to prove the right. Aries females shouldn’t hurry up their beloved, you take decisions quickly, but this feature is not characteristic for all people. Aries need to keep in mind that problems are discussed with purpose not to prove one’s right, but to come to a common decision. Learning how to cede and not to worry about accepted compromises will make your life more pleasant and simple.

Aries is not confident in his/her relationships

To be true, a partner of man Aries is not confident in his feeling yet more. Because Aries knows what he can expect from himself, but other people do not guess about their true intentions.

Quite often Arians in their young years do not consider marriage and serious relationships to be their goal and such convictions are brightly reflected in their behavior. But they get older and acquired habits do not change. They are not going to fulfill generally accepted rules and prone to the provocations of different types. They may make multiple hints to the partner until hell freezes over, she will never believe that you have come to senses until it becomes evident.

In addition to that the person, who knows Aries male well, cannot but notices his aspiration to power and headship in their relationships. Due to that Aries’ beloved sets a great value to her independence, freedom and situations when she can take decisions by herself. But man Aries feels inferior in such moments. If he wants to change the current state of things, he needs to change his habits – gentleness, delicacy and advantages of making compromises are the things he should learn.

Sometimes uncertainty grows out of the inability of Aries male to prove other people that his relationships are the best in all aspects. He shouldn’t act in this way. At long last, personal relationships should be kept in private.

He/she always finds fault with me

Horoscope Aries sign representatives get used to be praised. All critical remarks are taken by them as chicanery and signal of the beginning of the fight. Their reactions are too poignant.

Aries females are touchier than males. It is recommended for them to look at the situation from the other side. The person, who knows them well, will hardly provoke situations, which will anger them. Struggling with Aries zodiac sign in most cases is completely hopeless, and nobody will get involved into it voluntarily. But why Arian’s beloved talk about their vices time and time again? First of all, they may just give advices or indicate the direction where you Aries should apply his immense energy.

All the same partners of women Aries have enough reasons to criticize them. Usually this situation takes place when period of conquering is completed and relationships become calm. The thing is that Aries female is too active and stirring on the stage, when relationships are developing as well as in tight situations. When the storm has quieted, Aries starts to be capricious and pampered like a child. She claims attention and sometimes is not able to take care of herself. Her partner will be far more pleased seeing her bright, energetic, radiant with intellect and quickwittedness, inventive and endowed with luxuriant imagination. This is a condition he tries to restore to his beloved Aries with help of remarks, which are taken as groundless niggles.

Career Horoscope Aries

Aries zodiac sign has sufficient power to be successful in many spheres, but such Aries trait as rectitude is more appropriate in the army than in politics. People born under the Aries star, suffer from lack of flexibility and cunning, required for realization of their talents in diplomacy without making enemies.

Being very creative, Arians are able to make a perfect artistic career: they can be magnificent actors as well as incomparable sculptors. In their young years most of the representatives of Aries zodiac sign are blinded with aspiration to power and fame, working against them. Arians would rather dream about cloudless future than work for achievement of their goals.

Employers have difficulties with Aries-workers, because the latter are very freedom-loving and ignore employee morale; they can be easily interested in work but can forget about it likewise. From the other side, Arians show high results in tight situations: they become unusually hard-working and inventive. Such perfect recessionary managers as Arians are in great demand nowadays.

Horoscope of Aries: Sexuality

Having started their sexual life comparatively early, most of Arians remain in this sphere rather challenging experimentalists than experienced experts till they grow old and grey. The passion of Aries is always fresh, each partner of this zodiac sign representatives is like their first love and, of course, they want to be the only and inimitable. Such traits of Aries as natural activity and persistence make him tireless in addition to all his virtues.

Arians demand to be encouraged constantly both in sex and in their daily life. Words of praise can inspire them to new sexual exploits.

Woman Aries is extremely provocative in sexual experiments. Man Aries is more careful there is nothing worse for him than to experience intimate fiasco, but he is not afraid of getting into a ridiculous situation. He can propose his girlfriend to make love in the most unexpected places.

Aries can deter his partner with his high demands and then surprise with tender and attention in combination with wild passion.

Astrology for Aries: Marriage and Compatibility

Arians can experience violent passion, but sometimes this passion is too violent for them to be happy. While they fall in love easily, they are apt to idealize partners and after noticing his first vice they become disappointed and deceived.

Aries female can captivate with her independence but this love of freedom may come to absurd occasionally. At the same time women Aries are extraordinarily jealous. They will never forgive partner’s betrayal. Amorousness of a woman Aries may seem to be promiscuity from the outside, but most of the love affairs remain unrealized.

Men Aries fall in love momentously. Their love is very strong; their love affairs are beautiful, but short-termed, partially because of their egoism, which is characteristic feature for this sign. Beloved of Aries should take great pains, to keep his interest to her alive, but in exchange she receives chance to deserve true adoration

Relationships between two Arians can be bright but not lasting. Two enthusiastic people, each of whom is too selfish to care about a partner, they become tired quickly.

The best compatibility is predicted to be in relationships with Leo. Aries can get along with Sagittarius, whose nobility will produce positive influence on the uncontrolled representatives of the Fire element.

Gemini can be also quite a good match for Aries, compatibility with Cancer and Capricorn is neutral, because intellectual harmony is not the only thing necessary for love.

Libra is not a suitable partner for Aries by reason of their inevitable painful break-up.

Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus will hardly get on with Aries.

Culinary Horoscope for Aries

Arians prefer cooked on the open fire food and at the same they avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables. But they need nutrition rich on vitamins.

Representatives of this sign should careful with diets: they need calories to restore energy burnt every day in immense quantities.

Ration of Aries should include fish dishes as well as other marine products.

Astrology of Aries-children

Aries-children are famous fidgets, restless inventors and contrivers and permanent “headache” for their parents. Such kids get into the most incredible situations; they become involved into the unthinkable adventures, sometimes they try to run away from home or arrange the global revolution.

Bringing up a child-Aries is not an easy process, but really interesting. You shouldn’t demonstrate excessive severity, but too much flexibility is not good too, otherwise little Aries will not realize what terms responsibility and self-discipline mean.

It is traditionally considered that children-Arians are not prone to dissemble. This opinion has nothing to do with reality. Small representatives of this sign have got special intuition, which helps them to disclose deception. At first they think that all people have such talent and always tell the truth. With flow of time gift of revelation vanishes but ability to lie doesn’t appear. Instead of that Arians are perfect dreamers, whose fictions have no end.

Characteristics of an Aries are diversified enough. Children are good at exact, natural and humanitarian sciences, and they have no difficulties with painting and music. Their progress at schools depends on teachers. If a teacher will find the right way to kindle interest of Aries, his pupil has all chances to surpass the tutor.

Such traits of Aries as liveliness, curiosity and inattention result in such an explosive blend, which makes them to visit emergency stations quite frequently. To keep Aries away from adventures and investigations is impossible, but to teach how to be careful is necessary.

Very diffused opinion is that Aries remains a child forever. It would be more correct to say that they keep peculiarities of their awkward life for a long time. Such Aries traits as idealism, hot temper, ultimatism, sensitivity and vulnerability are hidden behind the cynical mask.

Aries Cusp

Personalities born on the Pisces/Aries cusp (dates March 20 – March 27) have Mars and Neptune or Jupiter as their guiding planets. This cusp is called by astrologers the Cusp of Rebirth and symbolizes the opening of the human life. This cusp is very advantageous for its representatives, who are expected to be understanding and intelligence. The cuspians born in this period thoroughly ponder over each their step. Their gift of foresight plays is of great value for their material welfare and successful career. Being inventors by nature, they devote much time to their work devising innovatory projects. As people got used to straightforwardness of Aries, somewhat romantic nature of people born in this cusp may impress them noticeably.

Persons born on Taurus/Aries cusp (dates April 19 – April 26) have irresistible desire to rule and possess. There is nothing strange in such aspiration, because this cusp is called Cusp of Power. Such mix of signs can be both destructive and constructive. Constructive way to use energy is care about family and home and destructive side of personality with Taurus/Aries traits is intense conflicts with those people whom try to intrude into affairs, which do not concern them. This cuspians have well-developed sense of self-esteem which can be transformed into self-gratification. The Aries/Taurus personalities are stubborn and passionate. Doubts about self-confidence never bother them. Perpetual attention of the worshippers even irritates sometimes. They are targeted to receive the best things, which can be offered in their interesting and restless lives. These cuspians realize how to earn money and never waste it on unnecessary entertainments.