Constellation of Cancer

The constellation of Cancer is represented by a crab. There is a very interesting story in Greek mythology about appearance of this astrological zodiac sign. The first version is quite queer. It tells that while ancient hero Hercules was fighting with Lernaean Hydra, the multi-headed monster, his step-mother sent the crab with purpose to make away with her hateful step son. But Hercules noticed this crab and kicked him with such a power that Cancer reached the stars

The second legend also narrates about adventures of Hercules. This time his was fighting with Hydra too. Crab just seized the hero’s toe with his claws but Hercules squashed the Cancer. Hera saw the sufferings of poor sea creature and sent him to the sky.

Let’s proceed to scientific astrology for Cancer. In remote ancient ages the Sun resided in the constellation of Cancer for days of the summer solstice. In our time during summer solstice the Sun is situated in the Gemini constellation.

There are some viewable Cancer stars in the sky but they can be seen only with binoculars. Zeta Cnc consists of three yellow stars and Iota Cnc comprises one yellow giant star with its small green companion. The starry host called Beehive Cluster or Praesepe is a cloud of faint stars, but it can visible because of big quantity of stars. The star shower called Delta Cancrids occurs in constellation of Cancer in period from December 14th to February. The peak of this phenomenon happens on the 13th or 17th of January.

Horoscope Cancer: General Characteristics

People, born under the Cancer star, stand out with their prominent sensitivity. The unkind word, uttered incidentally makes them to get confused. Cancer’s depressed state will be momentarily transfused to people, surrounding him. But Cancer is far not perpetual melancholic, constantly suffering from our imperfect world. He is a good joker as he has got an excellent sense of humor.

Life of the Cancer people can be best described as the interchanging ups and downs, though even under the favorable conditions representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign prefer to retreat and to relax during such a slack period. They accomplish their goals due to such traits of Cancer as cunning and confidence, but not out of stubbornness and aggressiveness.

Such characteristics of a Cancer as nobility and unselfishness are rarely expressed brightly and on account of that Cancers may sometimes seem to be self-affected egoists. Cancer is really of high opinion about himself and being in the center of attraction, he behaves freely and naturally. Representatives of this zodiac sign like fame and esteem, but they would rather choose financial and material benefits than public recognition.

Cancer prefers quiet family life to the bright social engagements. He is generous with people, close to him and stingy with strangers. This statement about Cancer concerns not just money but expressing emotions as well.

Men Cancer differ from other horoscope signs with their striving to money-grubbing. They try to settle comfortably in this life, having ensured sufficient margin of cash for a rainy day. At first sight representatives of the horoscope Cancer sign may seem to be somewhat mean-spirited, put in the point if fact they take pains to be more logical and rational in their expenditures,while making long-range investments. Man Cancer will not expend his energy doing trifles; he seldom beats his brains out, but all the same he reaches aims he has set.

Women Cancer are usually soft and equable, but their mood depends greatly on people around them. For ladies born under the Cancer star support of relatives and encouragement of friends are of immense importance. They are wonderful mothers and faithful wives, and, in addition to that, the notion “female friendship” is a far not a mere word for them.

Personality of a Cancer: Psychological Horoscope

Cancer people try not to demonstrate to surrounding people their true nature and by this reason they play role of calm and even-tempered person. But representatives of the horoscope Cancer sign hardly manage to deceive somebody, their feelings are too intensive to be hidden behind even the thickest shell.

Cancer people are not very impulsive, but shifts of mood are characteristic for them. The person, born under the Cancer star, can get offended or wax angry without any substantial reason. Then he/she becomes quiet as if having forgotten about recent events. It is necessary to remember about Cancer, that behavior of this horoscope zodiac sign is mostly connected with the Moon’s phases and changes according to them.

Representatives of the horoscope Cancer sign make their decisions comparatively quickly, but they don’t go straightly to their goals. Before taking a final rush, Cancer investigates both possible variants of development of the situation and the routes of escape.

Cancers are prone to money-making and prefer real benefits to perspective boons; they don’t like to venture money. Even being confident in success, they will invest significantly less sum of money, than they could – in this way Cancer secures himself from the financial collapse they are afraid of above all in the world.

People of the horoscope Cancer sign are revengeful and sometimes vindictive, but their usual carefulness doesn’t allow them going into direct confrontation. Cancer people make dirties surreptitiously and secretly and hope that nobody will figure out their immixture to that disgraceful actions. That’s why Cancer subjects rarely have genuine enemies.

Horoscope Cancer: The Element of the Sign

Horoscope Cancer sign belongs to the element of Water, calm and slack water. Such people keep away from rapid flows and choose restful motion on the bottom: they care about personal security and safety. Cancers use the water column as additional barrier protecting them from groundless troubles.

All people and Cancers in peculiar acquire ability to fix insubstantial but interesting details, though sometimes representatives of this sign set a greater value to that “discoveries” and in this manner they curtail own freedom.

Lakes for cancers are more favorable than tumultuous rivers; they are not afraid of the monotony and prefer thorough case study to the sketchy one, at the same time Cancers realize that too quick immersing may be perilous. This is the reason why Cancer people don’t live fast, attentively mastering every stage, they turn out to be on.

Health Horoscope of Cancer

Sensitivity of horoscope Cancer sign is his own problem first of all: perpetual troubles cause depressions and exhaust Cancers, making them much more sensible to various infections. On the other hand happy Cancer recovers after the most serious disease beneath our eyes and keeps fit till he grows old and grey.

Cancers frequently suffer from skin diseases: their skin is extremely sensitive and subjected to inflammations; even the most insubstantial maims and grazes skin over for long time. The other vulnerable point of horoscope Cancer sign is chest. Besides that, representatives of this zodiac sign have problems with weak kidneys and urinary bladder. Cancers often have different types of ulcerations.

Cancer people need fresh air in general and rest near water in particular. The sea has immense healing power and can cure Cancers from melancholy, which causes illnesses, quicker than success at work and happy family, though happiness in family has huge meaning to them.

Love Horoscope for Cancer

Personality of Cancer has distinguished mental organization, which makes them especially interesting for surrounding people. Representatives of this zodiac sign rarely have steady mood because of their sensitivity and vulnerability. Quite often Cancers despond, lose optimism and self-belief. In such moments nothing can be delightful for them and attempts to make a boost appear to be ineffective. From time to time facile, compliant and ready to compromise Cancer makes people to adapt to him and get abused when he is called a manipulator.

Due to such characteristics of Cancer as ability to sympathize with people and determine general mood intuitively, he may be very happy in family. But owing to inclination to conceal problems he will seek harmony for long while, time and time again recollecting old wounds and offences. Cancer is ready to console every unfortunate, but he doesn’t allow other people to console him.

Let’s see seven main problems in their personal life.

He/she doesn’t appreciate my efforts.

Cancer people are endowed with strong longing to take care of others. Sometimes they think that all people are absolutely helpless and require constant protection. Representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign expect neither awards nor gratitude for their pains: but sometimes everything occurring around them seems to be unfair; moreover it may be extremely insulting for them to observe how people ignore those wonderful perspectives, which were opened before them thanks to Cancers.

Bearing responsibility for happiness, health and welfare of family is undoubtedly difficult undertaking, but Cancer male should think weather he is really doing everything singly? Most probably, his partner is not a complete idler: his efforts and cares have another nature and another form than the Cancer’s ones.

Cancer astrology recommends them to get used that people far not always are grateful for accorded assistance, and sometimes Cancer’s attention verges upon the demonstration of the possessiveness or even is ruled by it. Men Cancer should relax and accord his beloved an opportunity to take actions, necessary from her point of view, they need to be ready, that decisions taken by their girlfriends may seem to be non-optimal. On the other hand, if man Cancer feels that responsibility for development of the romantic relationships is fully on his head, he should draw partner’s attention to this problem – it is quite probable that she doesn’t suspect that this burden it too heavy for him.

Cancer loves him/her but doesn’t feel happy

Sometimes in successful periods of his life Cancer feels strong psychic discomfort and suffers from mood swings and lack of confidence in his own resources. Time and again those problems cause difficulties: Cancer females can easily get abused or confused, but to console them – is much more complicated procedure. The habit to escape and endure offenses for a long time, which is peculiar for many Cancers, complicates their life significantly.

To solve this problem, women Cancer should make an effort and work on it. Major part of hardships emerges out of dark mood. Ladies-Cancers do not try to overcome this dismal and don’t allow other people to allay their boredom. It may be worth to change their attitude to the situation: representatives of this sign should bear in mind that damp is not the inherent part of their life and they can get rid of it, after taking some pains. It is important for women Cancer to leave abuses together with a burden of the old hardships in the past; otherwise, memories about their recent sufferings will hinder them to enjoy life together with their beloved person.

The higher Cancers will appreciate pleasant emotions, received thanking to their partners, and the more good they will remark in relationships, the fewer grievances, which exhaust mental energies, will be left.

He/she doesn't understand Cancer

Cancers quite frequently produce false impression on people, even on their acquaintances. It is difficult to figure out, that nice, communicative and very good-tempered Cancer male suffers from lack of confidence and panic fear of refusal or mockery. To conquer the trust of horoscope Cancer sign is difficult, but to keep it is even more complicated deal; problems in his romantic relationships can be caused by inability of Cancer to open his soul till the end.

One more trouble is connected with a difficult nature of man Cancer. Some people may interpret care, expressed by representatives of this horoscope sign, as demonstration of their possessiveness and do their best to defend themselves from that guardianship, which Cancers propose with all their heart.

Thus, before reproaching their beloved for inability to understand them, men Cancer are advised to evaluate their own behavior - entirely possible that Cancer's actions should be corrected and it will be enough for revival of the harmony in their love relationships.

Cancer doesn't know how to begin/end relationships

Strangely enough, the reason of these two problems, it would seem, opposite, is the same. Cancer female is afraid to show initiative. It is difficult for women Cancer to take a first step and approach the person, indifferent to them, but much more difficulties appear at the moment, when it is necessary to break off the relationships, even when they inflict only suffering and pain.

Such Cancer traits as inner strength and belief in better should be used in full in such a formidable situation. Maximal confidence and a bit of readiness to fight are the components of the Cancer's success in personal relationships.

Their wish to be happy is fully understandable and fair; Cancer just has to take steps to make it real!

Cancer suffers from loneliness

Inability to find their "second part" is a problem of many representatives of horoscope Cancer sign. People, born under the Cancer star, have difficulties with making the first step to affinity. Besides that, in their young years men Cancer much fewer than representatives of other zodiac signs were prone to visit events, where they could strike up interesting acquaintances.

The easiest way to get rid of loneliness is active communication with people, after surmounting their shyness and reviving their self-belief. People may take diffidence, peculiar of horoscope Cancer sign, for coldness or haughtiness. Woman Cancer should take pains not to allow this conviction to firm up. She can be very appealing, when opening up the shell, where she hides. All what Cancer female should do is to lay bare her heart for a short while. It may be sufficient for finding the person, from whom she will never need to hide her feelings.

Cancer is not confident about seriousness of his/her relationships

Unfortunately, such doubts are appropriate of all Cancers and nothing depends on the real situation. The danger of such state of things lays in the Cancer's striving to get from his/her partner the proofs of her/his serious intentions. There is a high risk to bear excessive pressure on a partner; it wouldn't be a good contribution to improvement of the relationships.

Thinking and analysis are the things, which will help both men and women Cancer. If they are not cold-hearted, they have risk of becoming a victim of their own doubts and grey thoughts. As a result, even the most serious relationships may be ruined due to the Cancer's fault.

After sound and objective analysis of the partner's actions Cancer will be able to sort out whether his/her beloved shows enough care and attention.

Cancer doesn't know how to find a suitable partner

Cancers, especially young Cancers, have great problems with finding a partner. There are some reasons of such situation. The first one is the excessive liability of this horoscope sign to the influence of parents and other relatives. Oftentimes Cancer subjects bring to their own romantic relationships stereotypes and mistakes of their friends, they try to recognize in partner some traits of mother’s or a father’s character and compensate their infant offences. Representatives of this sign should try to grow up emotionally before building their romantic relationships - it will ease their life substantially.

One more point peculiar of Cancers is their aspirations to find a partner, who will have want for care and support, constant attention and control. This very instinct makes most of Cancer people to choose partners who demand self-sacrifice from them. A droplet of the sound egoism will help such sufferers as Cancers. Victory over “the life-saver instinct” will give Cancer subjects an opportunity to get rid of pernicious connections.

Career Horoscope for Cancer

In between Cancers there are many people having so called “scientific” cast of mind. They are fond of studying and juxtaposing the facts, deducing the objective laws and analyzing the phenomena. The favorite field of expertise for Cancers is history. Their committal to antiquity helps them to become unique specialists in the sphere of antiques. It is of great importance that representatives of the horoscope Cancer sign rest upon facts in their assessments, but not upon the aesthetical impressions from the certain thing.

Cancers have strong imagination, but whims of the creative persons are alien to them. Ability of Cancer to keep secrets and inspire confidence promotes Cancers as excellent attorneys, proctors, psychologist and psychiatrist.

Cancers are venturesome, but unfortunate and for this reason they are better businessmen than gamblers. In addition to that, Cancers take work too serious, fulfill their obligations scrupulously and conscientiously. They are respected and esteemed, no matter what position they hold.

One more variant of the career choice for Cancers is farming and gardening. People born under the Cancer star, treat food and culinary very seriously and can be superior cookers.

Horoscope Cancer: Sexuality

Cancers draw attention of the opposite sex since their young years; they are not just romantic and dreamy, but also prone to the different love stories. To fall in love with a person who Cancer sees at first time is impossible for him/her. But having noticed someone’s interest to his personality Cancer will melt like chocolate on the sun.

In the sexual relationships Cancers would be rather excellent pupils than experienced tutors. They haven’t got hot temper but endeavor not to disappoint their partners. Enamored Cancers can feel lack of self-confidence and produce false impression of frigid people.

Good sense of humor will help Cancer greatly in his love affairs – having got into awkward situation he can make fun of it, but when it comes to serious disappointment, he will really suffer and can take reckless.

Cancer subject is very careful in his romantic relationships; he doesn’t forget to keep his partner and himself safe. Yet, if love affairs are harmful for Cancer’s health, they influence his/her mental health first of all. The most cynical from Cancers quickly get disappointed in love and change their partners too often at the same time managing not to destroy their reputation.

Astrology for Cancer: Marriage and Compatibility

Character of Cancer is changing during his lifetime, that’s why the best age for getting married is the middle age. Marriages contracted in their young years almost always are broken down. Some Cancers as if feel this probability intuitively and being young they have windy behavior but after some time past they turn into the exemplary family people and perfect parents.

Generally speaking, Cancer in the family circle and out of it is as if two different individuals. There is nobody else in the world who receives so much Cancer’s warm as his relatives, and nobody else demands so much from Cancers as they too.

Men Cancer can astonish unpleasantly with their groundless touchiness. At the same time they can pronounce jokes which can strike at female psychics quite painfully. Fortunately, they master life lessons quickly and are able to learn by own experience. Owing to that, their relationships full of conflicts at the very beginning can turn into harmonious love story in future.

Women Cancer are uncommonly romantic and the only their peculiarity which can scare the opposite sex is their alert attitude to all males. Usually they choose a partner by themselves and don’t leave him no matter how insistently he tries to break up with lady-Cancer. While starting short amourette, Cancer female studies her partner so thoroughly as if she is going to get married to him. Being a wife, woman Cancer turns into a true domestic goddess who takes care about health and happiness of her family.

Fascinating and harmonious relationships expect Cancer with Pisces and Aquarius, but Pisces should be a leader. Quite compatible couple may consist of Cancer and Taurus, because representatives of this two zodiac signs have similar system of values. Cancer will be absolutely unhappy with Virgo, because Virgo people will barely appreciate appropriately Cancer’s high aspirations.

Relationships between two Cancers won’t deliver pleasure to at least one of them; most probably, they will live side by side and will have flirtations on the side.

Culinary Horoscope for Cancer

Cancers are well aware that fatty, acrid and spicy food is harmful to them, but to restrict eating these very dishes they are not able. Cancer will never eat useful for them boiled vegetables and cereals. In general, any diet for Cancer is a real problem.

On the other hand the nutrition ration, which implies quantity limits but not variety restrictions, is suitable for representatives of this zodiac sign.

It is undesirable for people, born under the Cancer star, to addict to the exotic cuisines, especially when it is rich in dishes prepared from raw fish or meat, sour fruits or vegetables: there is high probability of allergy and serious intoxication.

Horoscope for Cancer-child

Child Cancer differs from his coevals due to his hypersusceptibility. If such treason was born in your family, you should treat it carefully and choose the tenderest methods of bringing up the children. One rude word is enough for little Cancer to think that nobody loves him and he is unhappy. Cancers remember offences much more longer than other children, they analyze and ponder over the events, very often they interpret happenings in the most unfavorable for them way. To be calm such children need kind, patient, attentive and endowed with luxuriant imagination person near them.

Children-Cancers believe in fairy-tales for a long time and like tell their own incredible stories to parents and their friends. Cancers never try to get advantage from their narrations; they are just enthusiastic about creation of new reality.

Cancers have no problems at school as they have got a good memory, ability to grasp quickly new information and great problem-solving skills. But they don’t get along with teachers and schoolmates. Cancers can be on one hand encouragers of pranks, inventors and the darling of the people, and on the other hand they can turn into dismal grizzlers or objects of the mockery and offensive piteousness. If your child is Cancer you should teach to control his mood. His difficulties with communication are connected with these very changes of mood.

The awkward age is very important for Cancer-child. This is extremely uneasy period both for children and their parents. Brought up in a right manner Cancers are the nicest people gifted with remarkable talents.

Cancer Cusps

The first cusp is Gemini/Cancer cusp (dates June 20 - June 27) is a Cusp of Magic, ruled by Mercury and the Moon. This cusp corresponds to the age of 21 of human life. These cuspians are endowed with notable tact and wonderful versatility. They are apt to meditations and in this way they may come to conclusion that nobody needs them and take a decision to isolate themselves from other people.

The second cusp is a Cancer/Lion cusp (dates July 22 – July 29) is generally known as the Cusp of Oscillation. It is guarded by the moon and the Sun. People born in this period acquire very useful for them and harmful for others feature as ability to figure out the weak points of persons around them. Cancer/Leo subjects have immense creative potential to realize it in numerous artistic projects and endeavors. They may not be leaders in a company of friends, but anyway they stand out in crowds of similar people due to their special shining in their eyes.