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People born under the sign of Capricorn have a common feature of a high vital resistance and a patient aspiration to a good result in everything. They are proud of being intelligent, although sometimes this is groundless, and if they are not lazy they apply lots of efforts to developing their intellectual abilities. Generally when we speak about Capricorns we speak about people who can learn something all life long.

Horoscope of Capricorns shows that people born under this sign have complicated relationships with the outer world: they are proud and they seem independent, but sometimes they suffer greatly because they cannot gain the sympathy of the surrounding people or defend their point of view. However, Capricorns tend to be content with a narrow circle of communication, consisting normally of people who think in the same way. In addition to that, they hate being dependent on others, and this is why they often prefer solitude to the company of people they hardly know.

Capricorns are mostly selfish, while they do not consider themselves to be better than others; moreover, a lot of Capricorns have to struggle with their complexes as well as their offense at the whole world for underestimating them, during their whole lives.

An aspiration for leadership and power which they simply cannot control is hidden under the seemingly calm and even-tempered behavior which is a typical characteristic of Capricorns. This is the very type of people who might become the cruelest tyrants unless they are restrained by traditions and moral norms which Capricorns are usually faithful to.

Men Capricorns are distinguished by shyness combined with a strong character. Such a person longs for praise and recognition of his merits, but usually is shy to openly ask for that. In their youth Capricorn males obey the elder more readily than their peers, but towards the mature age they suddenly acquire almost adolescent light-mindedness and rebellious spirit. Approximately at the same time a man Capricorn discovers romance.

Women Capricorns value their families most of all even if they reach the very top of their career ladder. A great salary and a prestigious position cannot satisfy such a lady if she doesn’t have an adoring husband together with a cozy and a well-furnished house. Capricorn females rarely think about the reasons of their actions, considering arguments like “this is customary” and “this is how it should be” weighty enough. Probably this is why a woman Capricorn is rarely vulgar or rude; it’s enough to tell them that such behavior is not approved of in society to never experience the awkward situation again.

Capricorn astrology

Astrology of Capricorn is a bit complicated for the horoscope. Capricorn is known as the tenth astrological Zodiac sign the name of which comes from the name of the constellation of Capricorn. In western astrology traditions this sign doesn’t coincide with the constellation any more due to the precession of the equinoxes, so Capricorn stars are no longer the same as before. Astrology for Capricorn places it among the four cardinal signs and an Earth sign, as well. Saturn is the planet which rules Capricorns. As the tenth Zodiac sign Capricorn belongs to the tenth house. People born in the period of the Sun going through in this sign are called Capricorn people and fall under the description of Capricorn horoscope. According to the tropical zodiac, the Sun goes into the constellation of Capricorn at the time of winter solstice, or approximately at the 22nd of December, and leaves it on the 19th of January. After the sidereal zodiac, it remains there from around the 15th of January to the 15th of February.

Not all people born under Capricorn stars have purely Capricorn traits. The reason for that are Capricorn cusps. A cusp is the conventional line that divides two consecutive Zodiac signs houses in the horoscope. Capricorns may hence have cusps with Sagittarius and Aquarius.

The reason for such a phenomenon to appear is that the solar disk is not a point, but has a relatively big diameter, and it may go largely into another constellation while still remaining in the constellation of Capricorn with its centre. There are a lot of debates as to whether to consider the boundary cases as influenced by both signs, however Capricorn horoscope indicates that people born in the different cusps tend to have different characteristics.

Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp

Astrology for Capricorns shows that the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp ranges from the 19th of December to the 24th of December. People born during this time are considered to be determined, inquisitive, exploratory, tolerant, faithful, independent, charitable, self-possessed, self-dependant, trustworthy, charismatic, adaptable, outgoing, strong, reasonable, economical, cunning, traditional, joyful, confident, friendly, responsible, nice, positive, direct, funny, ambitious, optimistic, playful, sentimental, successful, and energetic. Among the negative features there are stubbornness, bluntness, inclination to exaggerating, hot temper, impulsiveness, impatience, vanity, and aggression.

Aquarius/Capricorn cusp

The Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp includes the dates from the 17th of January to the 22nd of January. People born in this period are normally ambitious, conscientious, old-fashioned, cautious, reserved, introvert, traditional, dependable, tolerant, open-minded, self-confident, individual, intelligent, remarkable, curious, prudent, competitive, successful and multisided. They can, however, also be rebellious, overly critical, stubborn, shortsighted, overly cautious, opinionated, cold and indifferent.

Personality of a Capricorn

The personality of Capricorns is somewhat ambiguous from the energy point of view. Capricorns possess enough energy, nevertheless the sign which rules them is still considered to be passive, which explains the aspiration of the people born under this sign to keep the acquired rather than to spend it trying to get more. This applies not only to money and material possessions, but to emotions, as well.

Capricorns will not argue while defending their opinion, they will hold on to it and will thoroughly gather proofs of their being right. They will not interfere with a conflict, but will try to take advantage of solving it. Capricorns do not give up facing a failure – they go to the set goal, sometimes even after having lost interest in it, mechanically.

According to their horoscope, Capricorns are very restrained and unemotional in their behavior while passions are not uncommon for them at all. It’s just that the people born under this sign hide their emotions very-very deep inside and trust only the closest people.

One of the very typical traits of Capricorns is inherent pessimism. They believe in their own forces, but they cannot get rid of the impression that the circumstances are always against them, and they generally consider themselves to be unlucky. There are real grounds for that – there are few Capricorns who get everything in life easily, however there are few people who can rejoice in their victories as strongly as they do, as well.

The inherent feeling of responsibility obliges Capricorns to care about the weaker. However, Capricorns rarely do it selflessly: normally they expect gratitude, and if they do not get it, they assure themselves that the world is imperfect once again.

The element of the sign in Capricorn horoscope

According to the astrology of Capricorn, this is a sign of Earth which accounts for practical and considerate sides of its bearers.

Earth can be seen, touched, weighed; you will hardly ever decide to doubt that it’s real. These are the categories Capricorns think with – illusions, abstract speculations, imaginary ideals are not typical for them. Dreamers often turn to people born under this sign for advice, attracted by their sensibility, but they rarely follow it: the views of Capricorns are prosaic, and their values are material.

The bosom of the Earth is extraordinarily rich, but it’s not easy to reach those treasures. The best characteristics of a Capricorn are hidden from outside looks, but a determined researcher will see a true trove opening in front of him: a devoted friend, an honest partner, a responsible colleague or a sensible boss, a faithful lover. Capricorns make the most important actions in their life unnoticeably and rise to the highest peaks of life without any hurry.

Capricorns know how to use what they have in the right way, they value stability in work and family.

Health in Capricorn horoscope

It would be a mistake to say that Capricorns have poor health, but they often fall ill; cold and humidity are the main enemies of the people of this sign: even a smallest rain, a slightest wind may lead not only to a cold for them, but to more serious consequences, as well.

Despising the care of their appearance and devoting themselves to work, Capricorns avoid such “light-minded” things as massage, diet, doing sports. At the same time, they do not see doctors often, either. Yet, it’s especially important for Capricorns to keep their skin clean and their muscles taut, to see to that their nutrition is diverse.

As we see from the horoscope, Capricorns’ “weak” places are skin (extreme sensitivity, widened oscula, acne), teeth and bones (the abundance of calcium causes the development of dental calculus, the growth of bumps and bulges), stomach. But a particular attention should be paid to the nervous system. Emotions, restrained from bursting out by restraint and equanimity, are accountable for the increased tiredness, allergies, digestion disorders and headaches of Capricorns.

Capricorns should be prescribed light-mindedness and carelessness in moderate doses, however since nobody produces them in pills, they should use other means. Active lifestyle, fresh air, sunlight and healthy sleep will help a Capricorn feel not only healthy, but also happy.

Keys to the success in love in Capricorn horoscope

By their love horoscope, Capricorns strive to the harmony and happiness in their personal life not less than representatives of the other Zodiac signs, but it might be difficult to guess about it sometimes. Representatives of this sign are conservative and not inclined to changes, and this is why sometimes they become victims of relationships which have already run dry, they suffer deeply from the colder attitude of their partners, but do not make a decisive step as well as prefer to avoid sorting out the relationships openly.

Feeling that the relationships don’t develop in the way they would like them to, a Capricorn might plunge into resolution of secondary problems – for example, those related to the arrangement of daily life, or concentrate on the professional activities, hoping that everything will settle by itself. Sometimes the representatives of this sign think that they don’t possess the qualities needed for the happiness in personal life, however it’s not at all so in fact.

A lot of Capricorns have problems building harmonious relationships because of the fact that they have a too clear and detailed image of how they want their loving union to be, and their partner becomes a victim of these conceptions. Wrongly arranged priorities may also be a problem, as well as certain pessimism peculiar to the representatives of this sign. A useful thing in a complicated task of reaching personal happiness will be the ability to find a reasonable balance between the professional and the private life; it would also be good to learn to relax and have a rest without reproaching yourself for doing nothing and for being lazy. Finally, another trait which hinders the achievement of mutual understanding with the beloved person might be the excessive self-discipline which doesn’t allow you to show feelings and emotions when needed.

Career and professions in Capricorn horoscope

Being the people of the “earthy” sign, many Capricorns achieve professional success in such fields and mining, construction, agriculture. Others, deprived of the inquisitive spirit, but not of the sense of beauty, become unequalled specialists in the sphere of antiques. Still others, pushed by the ambition and the thirst for power, turn to politics or administrative work.

Persistence, precision, responsibility and patience make a Capricorn a valuable employee in the eyes of the managements, while the colleagues will see a competitor in him rather than a comrade co-worker, pleasant in all aspects. Capricorns achieve the best results in case they work alone, and an important role is played by the availability of a separate office room.

Capricorn bosses can be despotic and overly demanding. The most cunning of them do not grudge the time to communicate with their workers, studying their weak and strong sides and then becoming unceremonious manipulators.

Capricorns will envy successful dealers and tireless discoverers all their life rather than dare conclude a risky agreement, get involved into an ambiguous adventure or make a reckless step. Striving to preserve the gained values without hurrying to multiply them, Capricorns reach real wealth only towards the mature or even elderly age, if ever. This is also explained by the fact that Capricorns start climbing the career Olympus later than representatives of other signs.

Sexuality in Capricorn horoscope

No matter how sensible and reasonable Capricorns are, they are the very people who can get instantly infatuated with a partner who is bright, light-minded or ever stupid; if people of this sign appreciate stability, even temper and faithfulness towards traditions in their life partners, their lovers might be their complete opposites. At the same time Capricorns do not demonstrate enough duplicity to have a spouse and a lover at the same time; this is why some of them strive to get married as late as possible, having experienced several romances; others lose their interest to sexual life with time.

According to the horoscope, Capricorns prefer to follow traditions in their sexual relationships, and even if they secretly dream about bold experiments, they will most probably never confess it and never realize them of course, unless they dare to get involved into a very short love affair. People of this sign will surprise their partners with their endurance rather than inventiveness, while they show lots of tenderness.

A short love affair with a Capricorn can only be interesting from the sexual point of view: beautiful courting, romantic dates, moonlight walks are not in their nature. However, having got to know such a person better, you will be surprised at the depth, strength and delicateness of his or her feelings. With those people they trust, Capricorns are able to forget about strict self-control and become charming, playful and light-minded.

Marriage and compatibility in Capricorn horoscope

Sticking to traditions and social norms in everything, Capricorns seem to forget about them when it comes to their family life. They do not hurry to settle down with one partner, evaluating him or her patiently and thoroughly from every side, meticulously looking for faults. A lot of Capricorns conduct the search of their “second halves” in a purely practical manner, evaluating the abilities of their partners to earn money, to manage the household, to care for the children.

Capricorns like intelligent people, but only those who share their points of view, and this is why they are inclined to choose their life partners among like-minded people. People of this sign may be relatively happy in a union with less intelligent partners, but they will hardly trust them.

Capricorns strive to calm and leveled romantic relationships, but love aspirations of life often escape their control. People of this sign often love a person whom they cannot keep strongly and unrequitedly, or they feel misunderstood and underestimated in case the object of their passion is too simple.

Capricorns treat marriage with all their inherent seriousness and circumstantiality. They often get into convenience marriages or at least choose someone from their social stratum. Having chosen their life partner, Capricorns normally stay faithful to them, but they tend to have had quite a large number of both light adventures and more serious relations in their life by that time.

Capricorn traits allow them to get along with practically anyone, however a Scorpio will surely make them suffer, a Gemini will make hem doubt the future, and an Aquarius will make them worry about the mutuality of feelings.

Close to someone similar a Capricorn will be calm and happy, and a Leo will allow him to be proud of the family and home.

Another good partner for a Capricorn is a Taurus who rarely loses equilibrium. An elusive Pisces will also manage to make a Capricorn happy, but not for a long time, unfortunately, while the break-up with him or her will be very hard.

Food preferences in Capricorn horoscope

Capricorns are attentive to their nutrition, but sometimes follow the diet too blindly, not realizing that they harm their bodies seriously with it. For example, refusing to eat starchy foods or other food rich in carbohydrates, people of this sign deprive themselves of life forces, become sluggish and passive.

Yet, it would be better for Capricorns to avoid eating high-fat food, and they are not recommended to eat too much of salty dishes.

Separate nutrition is a good choice for a Capricorn; horoscope also recommends that their ration should include various vegetable salads, while it would be reasonable to substitute mayonnaise with vegetable oil.

During certain periods of their life Capricorns become extremely careful about food, virtually calculating the calories with a calculator or suffering from hunger during the whole evening in case they decided not to eat after 6 pm. However at some point there comes a breakdown, after which Capricorns suffer not only from problems with the stomach, but also from twinges of conscience.

Child horoscope for Capricorns

Children Capricorns are normally serious, obedient and neat. They do not make unpleasant surprises to their parents, treat the studies and the house chores with responsibility and generally seem to be extremely mature for their age. In order to get along well with such a child, you should speak to him or her as to an equal. A lot of young Capricorns dislike even the shortened forms of their own names, while the adult manner of lisping with small children drives them totally mad.

According to the child horoscope, Capricorns are not too outgoing, they rarely gather big companies around them and normally have one or two close friends only. They are interested in conversations with adults much more than in pranks of their peers, and they prefer to discuss serious subjects. They are usually good at studying; most of children born under this sign tend to have an interest in exact sciences, however they make good progress in humanitarian disciplines, as well.

Certain stubbornness is typical for Capricorns from the very childhood, and it only grows stronger with age. Don’t even try to talk a Capricorn child out of something: he knows for sure what he wants, and he will surely get it even if he has to act against the circumstances and the desire of others.

As shown in the horoscope, Capricorns are very “home” children. They spend time with their parents willingly, like family celebrations, are sincerely happy when they get an opportunity to help a close person. They take care of their younger siblings not worse than their parents.

The habits which Capricorns will be faithful to during their whole lives are formed back in their childhood. Do you want these habits to be healthy? Give a good example – this is the only way to influence a growing-up Capricorn. It should be separately mentioned that Capricorns are not very demanding in daily life, but they like neatness, tidiness and coziness. Try to teach them to keep their things in order; otherwise sorting out the mess in their life space will become an unsolvable problem for a Capricorn.

It’s very important to watch the health of Capricorns who remain very sickly up to about twenty years of age. Right nutrition and healthy lifestyle will help such children avoid a lot of diseases, but all family members will have to follow the rules, otherwise a young Capricorn will feel undeservingly offended.