Horoscope Capricorn 2005

Horoscope Capricorn 2005

(22 December-20 January)

In 2005 Capricorn will be able to change a life style, to get rid of obsolete things courageously and to choose another path. Don’t hesitate to explore unconventional possibilities and perspectives! 

Business. Horoscope Capricorn 2005 promises the beginning of new professional success, which will enable Capricorn to take up the next social position. Businessmen will start a new project, which will guarantee future success. An employee can change a job for a more interesting, perspective and rewarded one. Horoscope Capricorn suggests considering new ideas, making new acquaintances. You should change your usual professional approach, challenge conventionalities and routine. In a word, all your secret ambitious desires are sure to come true. But “into every life a little rain must fall”. Among weak points horoscope Capricorn 2005 mentions complicated relations with some partners. Their clearly hostile stand will lead to conflicts and to consequent parting. Don’t be upset, as by loosing something you are opening your mind to new opportunities. Your old partners will be changed by new ones; for some of you this process has already began in the second half of 2004. Horoscope Capricorn 2005 advises to be especially prudent in communications in the second half of 2005 and to analyze the circle of your acquaintances thoroughly. Some of your friends or protectors will probably claim to get the things that Capricorn considered to be his own. It will cause disputes and conflicts. November will be the most difficult month, when positions of the conflicting parties will be clearly determined. There’s a risk that the problem won’t be solved in 2005, and it will be necessary to make final decisions in 2006.

Money. The year is very successful financially. Some Capricorns will find “a gold vein” and will be developing it the whole year. The happiest months when it comes to money are February, June and October. Large expenses or financial difficulties are probable in August, November and December.

Love, family. Private life is continuing to play tricks that have roots in the past. Horoscope Capricorn foretells serious family problems. If things are not going well already, the relations may break up or will suffer great changes at least.  In the second half of the year horoscope Capricorn notifies about problems with children, which may make you upset and require immense expenses. If the first half of 2005 is unfavorable for married couples, the second half will prove to be difficult for sweethearts. The success of intimacy will depend on sincerity and mutual desire to help each other. Listen to your heart and do not be guided by advices of strangers. In November or December your relations will be extremely delicate and can break up any time.

Health. In the first half of the year Capricorn energy level is quite high and diseases are not likely to occur.