Chinese chart

Chinese chart

You worry about many problems, don’t you?

Since birth and till death everyone has to take very important decisions. Which skills to develop in childhood? Is this person my real friend? Is it possible to forgive betrayal? Which profession to choose? Which nature of business is more preferable for my successful career? When I can subject to risk all property of my family and when I should take into account the smallest doubts about my affairs? Is my business partner reliable person? When it is fair to make compromise with my own principles? The list of such question is endless indeed. Answers to these questions can help to find right way which leads to wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Your Past Influences Your Future

Having problems, you try to find the way out. Maybe it will make sense for you to construct Chinese natal chart for free. It only interprets events in your past, but also shows which sides of your present life would be better to change. Reading a natal chart may cause great revolution in your state of mind and perception of world.

Graphically represented Chinese natal chart is a circus consisting of twelve even slices. These parts are called houses and mean twelve different spheres of life. Twelve signs are situated around this circle. The planets take place in their houses. On the eastern horizon we observe the determinative aspect called eastern sun or ascendant. Other angles on this chart are IC, Midheaven and Descendant. But there are four key components: houses, aspects, signs and planets.

If you're interested in getting chance to influence your future positively, don't miss the opportunity to construct your natal chart, free online calculators are very convenient. Just put in your place and time of birth. Interpret natal chart correctly and fulfill given recommendations to harmonize your energetic balance. Change yourself and success will knock at your window undoubtedly.

Unknown Sides of Your Personality

Natal chart analysis draws a bright picture of your personality with all its strong and weak sides. Burn rate, main challenges, aspirations, abilities, skills, all ups and downs in your career...Amount of secrets in will be reduced substantially. Ability to be happy and make happy people around you is already inside of you. Discover great potential and use it. Self-reliance is a great treasure, real value of which can be estimated with flow of time.

Yes, it is the planets that can form our character, when we appear in this world. Planets affect our individuality in all stages of life: babies, children, teens, adults. Regular reading of lunar Chinese birth chart is unusual method to become respectful person even there was no suitable occasion to stand out from crowds of ordinary people until now. Reasons of correct or incorrect behavior, presence or absence of desirable things and people, self-distrust or self-assurance easily will be explained after thorough study of birth chart. If you are going to create family, this information can be used to infuse confidence that you have already found your love. Spiritual compatibility is a solid base for cloudless future.

Anyway, astrology represents one more approach to unthread perpetual mystery of connection between human-beings and planets. Heavens and Earth perform continual interaction and their powerful mutual influence is beyond doubt. At the moment of birth all heavenly bodies stood in a definite position concerning certain place in the world. The lunar Chinese chart reflects all significant cosmic events.

The natal chart analysis is an attempt to propose common people method of ordering chaotic lives and to explain unknown sides of human beings from astrological standpoint. Sometimes it helps to disclose deep psychological problems and solve them.

Legend of Chinese Gender Chart

Ancient times keep wisdom of sages. One of such secrets of Chinese nation today is used in many countries of the world and enjoys great popularity. Seven centuries ago the original instance of chart was found in the tomb of Chinese monarch.

The appearance of the gender prediction chart was caused by tenor of life in ancient China. Daughters in Chinese family were like a burden. People believed that girls were completely useless because till marriage parents only sustained losses. Boys at the same time could inherit property, fulfill some work on the rice fields and keep father’s name. To exclude birth of the unwanted child, such a gender prediction chart was invented.

Do you want a son or a daughter?

Chinese natal chart has one more beneficial opportunity, which allows planning the gender of your future child. Over 90% people across the world believe that Chinese chart for boy or girl is accurate. Multiple schemes and diagrams in baby Chinese chart seem very complicated at first sight. It takes some time to study all given materials properly and you will be clear that everything is not as difficult as you have thought earlier. How to read natal chart? What steps should be taken when you want to choose the sex of you future child? We answer these questions below.

The first step of this procedure is cross-reference of woman’s age and day of impregnation. On the head part of the baby Chinese chart there are points denoting age of female. On the left side there are partitions meaning conception months. Connect two points on different scales. The crossing cell will predict your baby’s gender.

The obvious advantage of this method is its complete impossibility to be influenced from outside.

But if you want to increase your chances of prediction the baby’s sex, it would be better to find calendar of ovulation. To conceive a daughter you should have sexual intercourse after the ovulation and to give birth to sun – day before ovulation.

Predictions of future can help, but taking serious such things is not recommended. Try to interpret Chinese birth chart skeptically but remember that nothing appears without cause.