Gemini Constellation and Its History

The constellation of Gemini can be best observed in the late autumn and winter. The Sun goes through it in a period from middle June to July. This constellation is famous due to its regular meteor showers. The first one is called the Geminids and takes place on December 13 and 14. The second shower of meteors is the Rho Geminids. It falls to the end of December to the end of January. Its first maximum occurs January 8th and the second peak happens January 21st.

There are two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini: Pollux and Casto. And there is one legend about them in Greek mythology. Once upon a time the supreme god of the Mountain Olympus Zeus tempted Tyndaderous’s wife. With purpose to get Leda Zeus turned her into a swan. Then the King’s of Sparta wife got pregnant. After some time passed she gave birth to Casto and Pollux, the twins, and their sister Helena. It was that very Helena, to whom the Trojanian war was devoted.

In Babylonian mythology the twins had other names: Lugalirra and Meshlamtaea. Their names meant: “The Mighty King” and “The One who emerged from the Underworld”. Under both of these names common people understood Negal, the primary god. It is the dark side of the story about Gemini.

Horoscope Gemini: General Characteristics

Horoscope Gemini sign is distinguished in between other zodiac sign because of their special duality and prominent inconstancy in numerous variations. Representatives of this astrological sign are able to assess situations from two sides simultaneously, they can feel love and hate together and sometimes it is hard to them to figure out such complicated nature of their emotions.

Gemini is far more changeable than weather. They could be absolutely obnoxious but for their appealingness. Gemini people are extremely communicative; they are perfect and interesting interlocutors as they have experienced many adventures. In addition to that, representatives of this sign effortlessly acquire knowledge, which has no practical value for them, and share this information readily.

People born under the Gemini star are gifted with the outsight, but they don’t know how to apply it. In the worse cases they become suspicious, begin to pay much attention to details and explain them incorrectly. Gemini have strong inclination to envy, moreover, they are convinced that live in between enviers. Sometimes they see enemies even in their closest friends.

Trying to figure out Gemini is a formidable undertaking. They are often charged of being insincere. The first person to be deceived by Gemini is his own personality.

Everything in Gemini’s life is dual. Even stars on one hand endow representatives of Gemini zodiac sign with inconstancy of intentions, on the other hand, fate perpetually sends them probations, having surmounted which Gemini finally acquires stubbornness and purposefulness.

Men Gemini usually enrich their scope, but while accomplishing goals, they choose the lightest but not the most obvious way, they may have many hobbies without having real interest to at least one of the activities or things. Gemini people are fond of the risky affairs.

Women Gemini are very brainy and intelligent. They are quick to study and thereto have outstanding practical keenness of wit. Gemini female is rarely able to tell the difference between really important things and insubstantial trifles. She seems to be oblivious, but it won’t be very difficult for her to compose herself momentarily and effortlessly before a new deal.

Psychological Horoscope: Personality of a Gemini

Gemini is an active zodiac sign, without any doubts. But his power lacks a permanent vector, necessary for achieving success.

Representatives of this astrological sign may be unable to accomplish a long-termed goal, but when it comes to details they are incomparable indeed. Inherent practicality, characteristic for Gemini, allows them solving daily problems trippingly and successfully. They make their life comfortable, sometimes neglecting interests of other people.

Such characteristics of a Gemini as activity and intellection make him to start a great number of affairs at one time, but only one or two undertakings will be completed.

Representatives of this sign have got one very important for them virtue – they are aware of their weak points. They never hesitate asking for a help, when being not able to cope with a problem. Main Gemini traits are outgoingness, friendliness and ability to conquer liking of others.

Gemini has such a mind, which helps him to observe relations between independent from each other things. His way of thinking is paradoxical. It is hard not to notice such characteristics of Gemini as unexpected and bright strikening and striving to immediate realization of their fresh ideas.

Personality of Gemini is sharp-witted, but sometimes quite tart-tongued. Gemini’s friends always get compliments, but their enemies don’t know what to do with incessant attacks of those restless individuals. What we should remember about Gemini is that his friend can be turned into his enemy at any moment.

The Element of the Horoscope Sign Gemini

Horoscope Gemini sign belongs to the Air trigon and their character is choppy like wind.

Ruling traits of Gemini are easygoingness and intangibility. Representatives of this sign have got priceless gift to become necessary in any surrounding without bothering people with their problems. Nevertheless, presence of Gemini is perceptible. Without making an effort such people play a key role.

From all Air signs (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) Gemini people are the most inconstant, but their characters combine freshness of perception and sort of coolness in the best way.

Invariable condition for Gemini people to exist is their freedom. As spanking wind can’t be withheld, you will be glad to see it again in your neck of the wood soon.

Health Horoscope for Gemini

Dual nature of Gemini often provokes conflicts in their surrounding and influences their health in a very negative way. Nervous system of the representatives of this zodiac sign can’t withstand pressure. Many Gemini subjects suffer from sleep disorders. Very often they are unable to have a proper rest.

Due to frequent change of habits, including eating predilections, they have problems with digestive system, especially with the intestine tract.

Gemini people need fresh air and sunlight, but what for them of prior importance it is active life, going in for sports and communication.

On account of inability of Gemini representatives to be neat and careful, they often get into trouble.

Love Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini subjects are charming. They know how to be irresistible. Of course, nobody will deny this fact. Representatives of this horoscope sign easily make acquaintances, find both new friends and worshippers without taking great pains. It may seem that sociability, ability to find a common language with people, intuition concerning romantic relationships and emotional affection should guarantee to Gemini happy family life, but sometimes representatives of this astrological zodiac sign suffer from loneliness, spiritual disturbances and sense of emptiness.

Everything, what common people have mentioned about Gemini in daily life is confirmed astrology for Gemini. They are many-sided, active and are striving to new things, phenomena and knowledge. Representatives of Gemini can’t get along with people longing for the stable and predictable relationships and those, who can find a cause for serious quarrel in any trifle. Logics of their reasoning can hardly be clear to somebody. Being great speakers, this zodiac sign subjects seem to lose their tongue, when it comes to grounding the causes of their actions, although usually they know well what they are doing and for what purpose.

Personality of Gemini male rarely can be understood by his beloved, usually he keeps his mysterious image, and no matter how long these or that relationships last. Representatives of this zodiac sign can be boundlessly happy and deeply discontented at the same time. Habit to control their own condition is the only thing they are advised to learn, because unhappy Gemini tortures himself and surrounding people. It is a real handful, no doubt.

Their main problems concerning romantic relationships are as following.

He/she doesn’t understand Gemini.

Every couple gets into situations, when partners can’t find mutual understanding and it is difficult for them to accept point of view which is opposite to theirs. Gemini female experiences such periods more frequently then representatives of the other astrological zodiac signs.

The point is that woman Gemini can’t make sense of her feelings, though she knows what exactly she wants to get and to achieve. This is the reason why she is able to explain what is going on with her. She looks like capricious, unbalanced and unpredictable person. Astrology of Gemini people recommends them not to spare time for self-analysis. It can be huge contribution to better comprehension of their nature.

The other complex element of these mysterious natures is that women Gemini usually speaks more than listens to her partner. Ladies of this sign are unable to appreciate properly advices of their beloved, but in case they follow given tips, situation would have been much better. Thus, Gemini females should learn how to listen, to use and analyze information received from their partners. In this way, their life together will be happier.

It’s better to underline that Gemini male is rarely focused on one thing; they are inclined to forget about problems before they are solved. For this reason partner of man Gemini may consider him to be light-headed and then his beloved will get offended because of his dalliance.

Thus, Gemini should figure out their feelings, give this information to his/her partner and take deserving attention problems for serious.

Gemini’s romantic affairs do not turn into serious relationships

Gemini people are very attractive, and flirtation or light affection is their natural condition. But it occurs too often, when bright and exciting love story doesn’t lead to creation of family or at least stable couple. Usually it is replaced by another intrigue, thrilling as previous one and insomuch unstable.

First of all men Gemini should determine their own attitude to this situation. Quite frequently representatives of this sign think it will be sufficient for them to have light frivolous relationships, which do not touch their feelings intensively. They should take a look into their inner spiritual world and sort out what aspirations they have. After Gemini starts expressing real feelings, there is high probability that after heart of such a light-minded person will seem to his/her worshipper an assailable fortress the conqueror will disappear.

The second important point is unwillingness or inability of Gemini males to concentrate on choosing a right partner. Having found in their surrounding a bright and attractive person, man Gemini presses forward to him not paying attention to the fact that he may be married or has no interest to this zodiac sign. He/she may be prone to beguile at the same time keeping independent and free.

Beginning of the relationships is perfect but they tune out quickly.

Enamored Gemini can be extremely happy or extraordinarily unhappy, their mood is changing from day to day – they get used to this phenomenon already. But what they are expected to do, when they feel happy rarely then earlier and problems arise more frequently? Love relationships of Gemini females start ruining before they reach more or less serious stage.

Unpleasant details and misunderstandings are multiplying like Fibonacci rabbits in case they are not paid attention to. Sometimes representatives of horoscope Gemini sign behave exactly in that way – they focus on the pleasant aspects of the relationships and miss those moments which require correction. They may continue such illusion of ideal relationships for a long time, but difficulties won’t vanish into the air. They will disharmonize this strange love story.

It is Gemini, who can choose absolutely inappropriate person and fall in love with that person. Woman Gemini will never notice that she deals with a cheater, manipulator or tyrant. Ladies should try to be realists and not to allow their memory forgetting the current problems. From time to time such relationships break down just because they cannot exist. This love is just a phantom created in imagination of two people; the picture they imagined differs so drastically that all this nonsense has nothing to do with actual reality.

Gemini loves him/her, but this sign likes other people too: it is difficult for him/her to be faithful to one and only partner

It can’t be adultery; such situation is just one side of main problem of Gemini representatives. This strange peculiarity is inability to be focused on something definite. Sometimes they can play with feelings of several people and break their hearts, but Gemini people are not satisfied with such state of things.

Initial stage of the relationships may seem to women Gemini especially interesting: this period gives them supply of sprightliness and sense of abundant life. At the same time, on one side there is wish to have one permanent partner, on the other side they are afraid of serious relationships as if it is something boring. They don’t believe that development of the love story may be as fascinating as its beginning, of course if they have chosen the right person.

When man Gemini is going to seek a new partner not out of his beloved haven’t met his expectations but because his relationships go wrong and should be stopped. Gemini male can change such situation and be with his partner. Horoscope of Gemini recommends them to choose right direction for their efforts. Remarkable features characteristic for them by nature will help to find appropriate solution for this life issue.

The more careful Gemini female to her partner is the more new virtues she will discover is his character. The person they love is a boundless world, which will be investigated incessantly.

Gemini can’t choose the right partner

Gemini outstrips representatives of other zodiac signs with great amount of unhappy love affairs band affections bringing more pains than delight. They can make other people love them easily, but when they are in love, they really go mad about their partners and they get disappointed because the object of their passion becomes far less attractive in their eyes. As a rule, Gemini people are irritated with partner’s excessive concentration on practical questions, his high demands and attempts to control their behavior.

But when horoscope Gemini sign falls in love with somebody like him, their relationships can be very bright but not long-lasting. Daily trifles ruin passion of these crazy people.

According Gemini astrology investigation, they should take process of choosing their life partner more seriously. Ability to analyze behavior of surrounding people and their reaction to actions committed by attractive persons will protect them from irritation and icejam in romantic relationships. It is not necessary to choose for such tests people they are interested in from romantic point of view –colleagues and friends are suitable for this experiment as well. Having learned their reaction to different actions of people, Gemini subjects will be able to avoid mistakes, caused by wrong choice of beloved.

Gemini suffers from loneliness

Being communicative, active, merry and energetic, representatives of Gemini zodiac sign will hardly confess, that sometimes they suffer from loneliness, absence of twin soul, that is, a person they can trust. Even such bright, attractive, endlessly pleasant Gemini personalities sometimes cannot find the right person to build love relationships with. At the same time in their surrounding usually there is a person (or even several persons), who is very interested in them. But such worshippers will never tell Gemini about their feelings but cause of high probability to receive ironical, charitable or offensive response.

Being natural is what Gemini female lacks sometimes. They shouldn’t feel shy to be sad, to ask for a help and support and to show their interest. Surrounding people often don’t even guess that Gemini subjects have problems and because of that they don’t tee off. In romantic relationships horoscope Gemini sign should remember that for personal relationships clarity of intentions of both partners is of immense importance. It will be sufficient for solving problems to be interested in finding solution for this.

Gemini is confident in his/her relationships.

Being windy by nature, Gemini people expect their partners to be serious. They don’t set great value to marriage, but anyway representatives of this sign will be glad if their partner will offer hand. Making fun of a partner, Gemini persons look forward to his/her sincere confessions, and their skepticism concerning romantic relationships is usually contrived.

Behavior of men Gemini makes people think that love and romantics for this zodiac sign is just entertainment and cause for jokes. Their habit to live a day-to-day existence without thinking about future and change interests once and again during one day – is what they should forget about, if they want to have serious relationships. Partners expect them to be a little bit more predictable and understandable; they should explain their actions and listen to beloved. Mutual understanding in love relationships is as important as loving a partner and Gemini should work on this aspect.

Career Horoscope Gemini

Gemini people are very artistic and it may seem that they were born on the stage in the light of limes. But it can be difficult for them to make difference between real and contrived feelings. This is the reason why theatrical career may appear to be dangerous for them.

Gemini representatives can be prominent scientists; especially they are good at theoretic sciences. People born under the Gemini star are quick to study, they are interested in progressive ideas and do not repudiate disputable points until this information is checked.

Gemini subjects can be successful lawyers and teachers. They are engaged into all spheres of life, connected with public performances, which require from them being attentive and responsible at the same time.

Usually it is peculiar for Gemini to be tactful and diplomatic, they can succeed in politics, but their brilliant career may be ruined because of the mistake committed in their young years.

The stock-market game is one more sphere, beneficial for horoscope Gemini sign. They are convinced that it is the intuition, which they use for solving problems, but in point of fact they manage to take into account multitude of various facts, and make surprisingly quick decisions.

Horoscope Gemini: Sexual Attractiveness of this Zodiac Sign

Sexual life of Gemini people is multifarious not on account many lovers, bur because of their longing for new sensations, readiness to trailblazing experiments and hankering to all exotic things.

Gemini male is able to satisfy almost any partner, but at the same time he may remain indifferent to him/her. But in return man Gemini demands from his worshippers sincere attention and, having noticed alienation of affections, he will lose interest to partner.

Mentioned above intuition of Gemini gives them chance to be extremely pleasant lovers, who are able to guess desires of his/her beloved due to paying attention to insubstantial hints or even predicting them.

Representatives of horoscope Gemini sign can accept one-night relationships. They enjoy sexual connections without obligations, without routine and boredom.

Horoscope Gemini: Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Gemini subjects often want to obtain impossible and their first love is unhappy. Moreover, in between young Gemini representatives there are many fans of celebrities, especially actors. Gemini will outlive defeats in love relationships longer than other zodiac signs.

Only very intelligent partner has chance to conquer heart of Gemini. He is expected to be a good friend and an interesting interlocutor, able to widen his scope as quickly as Gemini does this.

Both women Gemini and men Gemini are indifferent to marriage, they don’t like final decisions. People of this sign are afraid of routine and monotonous family life. Nevertheless, Gemini can be faithful to his partner for a long time; it will be enough for them to have an opportunity of changing the situation at any moment.

However, some representatives of the horoscope Gemini sign run to the other extreme, hurrying to get married after some day of acquaintance with future wife or husband. But this marriage usually appears to be next in turn of their frivolous affections.

Men Gemini are unusually inventive, when they have set a goal to conquer an attractive lady, but having won the prize they lose interest to the captivated person. They try her patience incessantly, leaving her and arriving time and time again.

Women Gemini are unpredictable in their young years and irresistible in age of maturity. Their unusual versatility astounds and spellbinds. Gemini female can’t stand traditional restrictions imposed by family life.

Aries can be a perfect match for Gemini, but their relationships rarely last for a long time. Common interests can strengthen this love affair.

Quite harmonious compatibility will be between Aquarius and Gemini, but it is question of passionate love story, but not stable relationships ending with marriage.

Capricorn is greatly compatible with Gemini, but he may find some difficulties with inconstant Gemini. In between all Earth signs Gemini are recommended to choose Taurus.

Couple Gemini-Pisces will be broken because of doubts and jealousy. Endless hesitations will spoil happy pair of Gemini and Virgo.

Culinary Horoscope Gemini

Gemini people are lucky as for their eating habits: they like products really useful for their health and choose appropriate for them ration intuitively. But as they are prone to experiments, representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign like exotic dishes and study culinary tradition of far-off countries.

Ideal diet for Gemini should comprise limited amount of fats and carbohydrates. But protein will be of great use for this astrological sign. Such products as eggs, mushrooms, caviar and lean will strengthen their health and restore energetic balance.

Horoscope for Gemini-children

Gemini-child is a reason of his parents’ perpetual trouble since his very birth. He is extremely active, restless and absolutely unpredictable. It is impossible even to suppose what he is going to do. His questions are endless, because little personality of Gemini is extremely inquisitive about everything in this world and think that their parents are the best encyclopedia. They are too impatient to seek necessary information they in great number of books.

Gemini are very good at foreign languages, especially effective for them is the method of engagement. Representatives of this horoscope sign hate sitting over textbooks, but they like communication and can study necessary words and expression quickly in conversations.

Gemini-child has no problems with finding friends, but he doesn’t regret having lost them. He doesn’t think that his actions may offend somebody.

Gemini Cusps

The cusp Taurus/Gemini fall May 19 to May 26 and is called the Cusp of Energy. It is ruled by Mercury and Venus. In this period winning personalities are born. They are eloquent, artistic and endowed with immense creative potential.

The second Gemini cusp is cusp Gemini/Cancer (dates June 20 – June 27). This is a Cusp of Magic. Gemini/Cancer natures are striving to control everything they see around them. These personalities are quite aggressive and want to be famous all over the world. They have got a gift to persuade and take full advantage of it.