Gemini horoscope 2005

Gemini horoscope 2005

(21 May-21 June)

Gemini horoscope 2005 divines a turning point in life, personal growth, perfection and development. Outrageously optimistic planets call for freedom, independence and will help the one who is eager to challenge conventionalities and routine.

Business. Gemini horoscope 2005 will open new perspectives that will demand new skills and new knowledge. In the first half of the year a businessman will continue to cooperate with overseas colleagues the way it began in the autumn of 2004. Probably, it will require much more time and effort, than it was supposed to in the beginning, so it is necessary to consider everything and to make calculations beforehand. The business is continuing to expand together with multiple activities, regarding office repairing and also complex business renewal. An employee will have good opportunities and perspectives, which will demand new knowledge and hard work. Gemini horoscope anticipates interesting offers connected with foreign companies, study in another city or country. In the second half of the year, however, things will change for the worse. Cooperation with overseas colleagues will be thoroughly revised. They are likely to refuse their former obligations, which will cause some temporary difficulties, or will definitively break the relations. An employee can become a victim of professional intrigues and will think of exploring new possibilities. Fortunately, these opportunities will appear at the end of 2005 or in the following 2006. Gemini horoscope 2005 predicts a special interest of some control powers; or an old juridical problem is probable to reveal itself. The most difficult time is the end of October, November and December, when summer problems will arise. Extremely prudent stars advise you to get ready for this period beforehand as “Forewarned is forearmed”.

Money. Gemini horoscope foresees an unstable financial situation. You’ll be suffering from large expenses the whole year. Some of you will develop the business and solve professional problems; others will spend money for private life purposes. In any case, you should pay special attention to this delicate sphere of a life, as any mistake will cost much.

Love, family. Your private life will appear to be more important than work and career. It is absolutely clear that a love affair began in the past is serious enough, so you can’t ignore it. However, it requires many changes, both external, and internal, and it is always a hard work. And only loving and really devoted people are able to pass this uneasy examination, people that are capable of sacrificing their own interests in pursuit of true love. The stars will support any effort in this direction and will protect true and sincere unions. The one who will loose the way is to blame himself, as any mistake will be severely punished. It concerns both loves and married couples. In many families there will be problems with children that will demand much sympathy and financial expenses. Gemini horoscope offers a chance for lonely people not only to have a great time, but also to meet a special person that will brighten up their life. However, relations won’t go smoothly, in spring and especially in March and April you’ll be agitated. If the relationship doesn’t prove to be stable in the long run, you’d better consider its importance and estimate further perspectives. Gemini horoscope 2005 notes that the spring is a complicated time both for new unions, as well as for already existing couples. Relationships with relatives may change, they’ve already been tense in summer of 2005, and in autumn more serious problems will appear. In November and December Gemini will be criticized by people that are near, and some accurately concealed secrets may be revealed. In this period you should stand up for your beliefs and defend your positions, otherwise you risk to loose everything. The stars advise you to be stronger and more courageous. Time will pass and these difficulties will disappear.

Health. In first half of the year the energy level is quite high, and the risk of diseases is minimized. Acute conditions and new unexpected illnesses are quite probable at the end of summer and autumn 2005.