Constellation of Leo

Lion has always been the animalistic symbol of the constellation of Leo. The history of this constellation is connected with Egypt. The legend tells that lions got away from their desert to the Nile banks to escape from that violent heat in the Midsummer. Ancient chronographer Pliny the Elder noticed that Egyptians idolized the constellation of Leo because the rising of their famous river took place when the Sun was passing through the Leo zodiac sign. However, the Egyptian constellation of Leo embraced modern constellation only partially and some of the Leo stars were joined into a figure representing knife, but now that group of stars is reckoned to be a sickle. In Greek mythology it is connected with Hercules and his twelve labors. The hero won the fight with the Nemean Lion and sent him to the sky.

As for Leo astrology and its scientific background, we would like to tell you about the most interesting stars in the constellation of Leo. The brightest Leo star is called Regulus. Its name means “the little king”. When it is viewed with telescope, the white companion of Regulus may be seen. In the lion’s tale there is a gorgeous blue-white star Denebola is situated. Somebody may think that it has an orange companion, but in reality these two stars are far from each other. One interesting red giant star, named R Leo, has variable brightness from mag 4.4 to mag 11.6. It takes place in the lion’s foreleg.

Horoscope Leo: General Characteristics

Such traits of Leo as lazy strength and immense ambitiousness make him different from other horoscope zodiac signs. Aspirations to reach the highest peaks rule the Leo’s life, but usually it is realized more in waiting for the presents of the fate, than in active struggle for his wishes: when fortune finally finds Leo, he takes it for granted.

Horoscope Leo sign usually treats people haughtily, but their critics he takes painfully and trenchantly. The point is that Leo subjects don’t see people around them who deserve to assess Leo’s actions.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have many acquaintances, but most of that people are unpleasant to them – very often Leo chooses useful or potentially useful people and ignores personal characteristics of each person in his contact circle. Sometimes Leo regrets about such connections, but keep behaving as he used to. Leo people are not endowed with ability to learn from their mistakes: they explain all victories with their own merits. But as for failures, Leo subjects are convinced that they are caused by tricks of fortune.

People, born under the Leo star are invariably materialistic: they set a great value to material boons and strive to financial success.

Men Leo can easily get enthusiastic both about women and new ideas. Their self-exaltation is really boundless, though it redoubled by their absolute inability to compete healthily; as they are too lazy to come to blows with their opponents; escaping the battle-field is usual solution in such situation. For this reason Leo’s children are often brought up only by their mothers. Man Leo gets tired from contestation with children for his wife’s attention and get away to search for a new victim.

Women Leo usually have many worshippers and keep memory about them tenderly. They are extraordinarily active and have a gift to do everything in the best way: they are perfect housewives with good career. Very often Leo female gets married to rich man. Men should be aware about Leo ladies that these celestial creatures would rather choose successful and established partner than a poor but perspective one.

Personality of a Leo: Psychological Horoscope

Horoscope Leo sign is active and it is apparently reflected on the character of people born under the Leo star. Most of representatives are extraverts who make valuable contribution to the social life. Leos reach for strong personalities and patiently patronize the weak as if trying to share with them their irrepressible energy.

Under favorable for Leo people circumstances their power will be really huge, but in case of ill-disposed fate representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign become violent, capricious and absolutely inactive. On the other hand, when Leo gets into the situation that requires his immediate reaction, he as if loses sensation of fear and goes bald-headed there, where he should quibble or simply use caution.

Horoscope Leo sign has got a great willpower. He takes decisions independently, but frequently he thinks that his influence on behavior of other people is necessary. Due to such characteristics of Leo as self-righteousness and complacence, he oftentimes seems to be haughty and selfish.

Unusual emotionality of the horoscope Leo sign is compensated by composure based on unwillingness to show his emotions to undeserving people.

While considering other people narrow-minded, very often Leo appears to be a victim of treachery or betrayal and because of that he is plunged into the abyss of serious troubles and depression.

The Element of the Horoscope Leo Sign

Leo’s element is Fire, burning calmly in luxurious hearth. Representatives of this zodiac sign share with their warmth and expect surrounding people to give them support and protection from windflaws in response. Leo’s fire burns evenly and stably, but not intensively.

Representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign have enough power to maintain fire, but it is not sufficient to melt the ice, not least because they are not interested in this task. Leo burns for his favorites exclusively and applies his energy only when noisy and recognized by society success.

In between Fire zodiac signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) Leo is the most rational in resource use. Besides that, his fire is the most decorative.

Health Horoscope for Leo

Leo has robust health, but he doesn’t take much care about it. Representatives of the horoscope Leo sign will never miss party by reason of necessity to get enough sleep. Choosing tasty food instead of healthy dish is also not in style of Leo people. While Leo treats other people haughtily, he quite rarely thinks that doctors are worthy of special attention and neglects his ailments because he doesn’t know a suitable specialist to cure him.

Frequently Leo suffers from contagious diseases, most probably because of their contact circle is too wide and immunity is too weak, especially when this horoscope sign representatives are absolutely careless. Being busy with numerous affairs, maybe even completely useless affairs, Leo is invulnerable for sicknesses, but during rest-time and idleness he rapidly loses health.

The most sensitive points of the horoscope Leo sign are ears, heart and head.

It is worthy to add that Leo often gets into accidents. Many traumas and ruptures fall on him. Such a bad luck fully is compensated with ability to recuperate quickly.

Love Horoscope for Leo

Leos know how to be happy – this fact is undeniable. Private life of Leo subjects is extremely saturate with different love affairs. Seeking of ideal in all aspects partner cannot be ceased even for a moment. Attractiveness of the horoscope Leo sign in the eyes of the surrounding people is really enormous; in most cases it can be explained by taking appearance of the representatives of this zodiac sign. They pay much attention to outside look. For Leo people encouragements, praises, compliments and admirations are of vital importance. The formidable problem is that Leo can disregard his own desires and aspirations, while overrating significance of other people’s opinion.

Other extremity is also possible: representatives of the horoscope Leo sign become true tyrants in relationships, because they no whit doubt their impeccability. Sometimes for being happy and delighted with their lives Leo lacks a droplet of modesty and some scruples about their righteousness. These very Leo traits will help its possessor to develop relationships, which were started gorgeously and superbly. Anyway, Leo can come across problems in his relationships.

Nobody loves Leo

Horoscope Leo sign needs love more than anybody else in the world: they demand it like something granted and become capricious when notice that they are worshipped insufficiently. But Leo rarely expresses his true emotions, not least because they are lazy by nature.

Bothering about possibility not to get enough love, Leo suffers far more when lacks adoration and praises. Leo man should give up indulging his egoism and figure out that even his beloved won’t praise him always.

Leo male is recommended not to seek a person who notices just his virtue, but a partner who will remark his weak points and take them leniently; in this very situation men Leo will feel love and his mental discomfort will disappear.

He/she doesn’t understand Leo

Horoscope Leo sign is far more emotional than representatives of other zodiac signs, and it cannot be easily recognized by people who deal with Leos. They don’t have one-night love affairs, each relationship takes its place in their hearts. Women Leo should be ready that special attitude to each of their partners won’t be appreciated accordingly.

The Leo star has endowed its subjects with multitude of positive features, but has forgotten about one of the most important points – ability to choose a suitable partner, whose worldview would be similar to the Leo’s. Nobody knows better than Leo female that the opposites attract and their evidences about how such relationships end are really exclusive. To find mutual understanding with her partner, woman Leo should learn his language, leaving emotions aside and describing problems clearly. In most cases her beloved is more cold-headed, rational and reasonable.

One more crucial point is Leo’s ability to get offended – for long time, sincerely and bitterly. Every detail can be turned into genuine drama, but for what reason? Can it be a great contribution to increase of the trust level and improve mutual understanding? One will hardly believe this. Thus, women Leo should learn to talk about their troubles and take into account partner’s expectations and priorities. In this way, they will achieve harmony, but whims and high demands are of no use here.

Leo loves his/her partner but feels that he/she is not a good match

Many Leos come up this problem. It is caused by Leo’s aesthetic convictions, as a rule. Speaking more exactly, Leo male likes the beauty and doesn’t think that behind attractive appearance very unpleasant character may be hidden. Besides that, it is characteristic for horoscope Leo sign to take into consideration a doubtful criteria “we will be a beautiful couple” when choosing partner. It would be more logic to think whether they could be a happy couple.

It is necessary for man Leo to figure out what a phrase “I love her/him” means to him. Most probably, a person meets one expectation and disappoints him in other aspects. If existing emotional affection is really very deep and Leo is not ready for breakup, it is worthy to think whether he can take partner is he/she is, with all vices and virtues – it is possible, that when saying “he/she is not suitable partner for me” he implied a thought that beloved doesn’t hurry to fulfill all Leo’s orders. Sometimes men Leo need guidance, and it shouldn’t be delicate care always. One more variant: Leo male reckons his partner to be insufficiently good (intelligent, rich, perspective) for him. Any person has virtues, and Leo’s beloved as well. Anyway, Leo’s couple has all chances to be outstanding, wonderful, prosperous, bright and happy, but redistribution of roles may be useful for it from time to time.

There are unsolvable problems in Leo’s relationships

Representatives of other zodiac signs will capitulate in such situation and agree that there will be the end of romantic relationships. But Leo doesn’t belong to this type of people. If Leo female has found a person she loves and appreciates, there is a very low probability that she will break down at her will. Women Leo can break off love affairs and revive them; divorce and get married to one and the same person, and every time she will hope that all hardships are surmountable.

If woman Leo doesn’t want to lose her beloved, she should accept the fact that problems exist and pay attention to them. It is impossible to avoid all troubles during the life journey, but being careful to her partner will ease perception of difficult situations. Astrology for Leo states that for representatives of this zodiac sign happiness in love is usually a result of their pains, so, they should be lazy and make an effort with purpose to find the greatest and the strongest feeling in the Universe.

Leo has difficulties with finding an appropriate partner

Yes, it is really difficult for Leo to find a suitable person. Such characteristics of a Leo as superodinary intellect and ability to reason soundly always fail when it concerns love.

One of the most widespread Leo’s mistakes is searching for a person, who will meet all his requirements, fulfill all instructions and practically not to show initiative; but having found such a marvel, he comes to understanding that strong, energetic and able to resist Leo’s power partner would have been more preferable. Usually this understanding leads to break down of the relationships, but new love story appears to be not much better, because the bedrock principle is the same. As astrology of Leo zodiac sign recommends, it would be better to learn by own experience and not to worry that partner may play the second fiddle in relationship – Leo will lose nothing substantial in this case.

In addition to that, for Leo female it may turn out to be complicated to appraise partner’s latent traits. However, it is relative, because woman Leo prefers viewing the world through rose-colored spectacles, and when she observes somebody attractive, quick-witted, wealthy and bright, she loses her mind. But this love affair will be extremely painful for her.

To find personal happiness woman Leo should learn to make difference between people. Her emotional needs are very deep and they cannot be satisfied by person, who is able to attract attention only with chic appearance. Leo will hardly find a suitable partner being guided by primitive requirements, but surely he/she will be happy to respect, adore and hear the partner’s opinion.

Leo and his/her partner love each other but quarrel continually

Of course, it is unpleasant, but barely can be considered to be an insuperable issue: if Leo doesn’t fight with partner, it means that couple used to discuss disputable questions. Moreover, it is possible to suppose that Leo male has learned to admit mistakes, but still he is not ready to demonstrate this ability. Priority measures in this case are to transform a dispute into constructive conversation before it turned into a quarrel or a scandal.

For this purpose man Leo should spend some time on learning science of diplomacy and give-and-take relationships. He will be happier, if he’ll try to swallow his pride and confess that sometimes he can be weak and helpless; and finally he will cease concealing that horoscope Leo sign is one of the most kind-hearted and able to love signs.

Leo’s relationships lack seriousness

There are not many people, who will dare to have serious relationships with Leo, because this zodiac sign is gifted not only with virtues, but also have got a significant vice – not very clean reputation. Leo people are amorous by nature and confident that there is no need to hide this feature. So, it is not a big surprise that Leo’s declarations of love always receive quite skeptical reaction. Thus, the best solution of this problem is seriousness and ability to prove feeling by actions but not by words.

Besides that, Leo should choose a partner independently. The best variant is not very dependent and able to be a leader person. With such a personality Leo will be ready to serious relationships.

Love Horoscope for Leo

No matter, what position Leo holds, he strives to be a leader. Since he doesn’t have good business skills to succeed in commercial sphere, Leo may decide to be a teacher, because there he will be in between people obliged to consider his opinion. Other interesting for Leo people fields of activity are politics and psychiatry. Having will for a power Leo subjects will hardly say what they wish more - to satisfy their ambitions or to make the afflicted happy, representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign wish all people well sincerely.

If Leo succeeded to be a director of an enterprise, no matter little firm or a big company it is, he will gladly take responsibility for conduction of the negotiations and search for new business partners; planning, expenditure records and other routine matters are too boring for him.

Personality of Leo may be brightly characterized by light-hearted attitude to money and absolute inability to compete soundly. These features will hinder him to achieve success. Leo-chief, for instance, barely can be convinced to spend money on advertising: he is confident in his superiority over other people. But he will never save money for decoration of the office or corporate events.

Sexual Horoscope Leo

Love is of crucial importance for Leo people during all their life, his heart cannot be vacant – it may be busy or broken. Being extraverts, these heroes of the love front entrust everybody with their love adventures.

Leo expects his life partner to be tender, delicate and soft. He should receive full recognition of his leadership in family. Having well-developed possessiveness, representatives of this horoscope sign demand from their beloved absolute obedience, constant accentuation of his virtues, respect and adoration.

Blinded by longing to dominate, Leo frequently makes reckless steps, while getting married to person weaker than he, or younger, or with inferior mental endowments, or with lower social status. Later he will regret about that action, having figured out that he is a dupe or a “marriage of convenience” victim. Even in family circle Leo can feel lonely, if he doesn’t see equal personality in his partner.

Horoscope Leo: Marriage and Compatibility

Yearning for love is the second weak point of the horoscope Leo sign after vanity, of course.

While Leo people can hardly imagine life without love, they have many lovers during their life; moreover, for this zodiac sign abundance of the short-termed relationships is characteristic. These connections are true love stories, but not rare accidental hookups. Breakup with beloved is usually very painful for Leo subjects; they are prone to look for consolation in the arms of the other partner.

Leo is jealous and but very lazy to prove his superiority over other people, when he loses fight on the love field, he will charge of this failure anybody, except him. Ideal relationships, according to the Leo’s point of view, should be built in the next way: a person he/she likes throws himself/herself into the Leo’s arms and then becomes obedient and ready to realize any Leo’s wishes. Curiously enough, but this is a real scenario of Leo’s private life.

Leo easily yields to sexual provocations; most of them are simply indiscriminate and intended to break down their relationships quite quickly. After some time passed Leo will regret about his actions, but to correct mistakes and apologize is beneath his dignity.

Both in love and business affairs, Leo people forget to hear their reason and because of that they get into unpleasant and dangerous situations. They manage to save their lives only thanking to colossal fortune.

For being absolutely happy representatives of this zodiac sign need adoration, but busy with his affairs Aries will never satisfy this want. Practical Cancer and Aquarius, who always cares about global happiness, cannot be suitable partners for Leo.

Double-Leo relationship has all chances to be harmonious, but in this case domestic affairs should be carried out by somebody else.

Intelligent Virgo can be well-compatible with Leo too. In such love story Virgo will play the main role. Sagittarius can relief Leo’s selfishness to some extent. Capricorn will silently admire his partner and be glad to his success.

Culinary Horoscope Leo

Leo likes eating quietly, sitting at the beautifully decorated table and enjoying abundance of the exquisite dishes. Representatives of this horoscope sign would be glad to limit consumption of the fatty and spicy meal, but all restrictions dispirit and depress them.

The best ration for Leo subject is combination of very tasty and very useful food, and exquisite courses with plain or even rough food. The most reasonable Leo subjects manage to substitute sweat buns and rolls with fresh fruits and vegetables, but while surviving hard times in his life, Leo would rather enjoy chips, cakes and chocolates than eat something else.

Leos are inclined to corpulence, but to keep an ideal weight they should prefer sport, not diets. Sometimes absolute starvation may be useful, but it must be within reasonable limits.

Horoscope Leo for Children

Peculiar for Leos “royalty” of behavior is reflected in children’s behavior too. Little Lions learn how to manipulate both their coevals and adults. They nattily get on the nerves of people around them. Delighted child-Leo is very nice and charming, but if you dare to prohibit him something, he will become absolutely unbearable. Parents of such baby have complicated task. On one hand they should create comfortable circumstances for their child, where his skills and aptitudes can be developed, on the other hand, they are expected to prepare their sun/daughter for life in the world, where all wishes do not come true as if by magic.

Almost all Leo-children study well and effortlessly, they shouldn’t take great pains. But young representatives of this zodiac sign are quite lazy and many problems are caused by reason of their idleness. One more moment, which can be noticed, when Leo is in the circle of his/her coevals, - is his immense want for attention. A child-Leo is ready to do anything for underlining his dominance over the other people. Leo’s parents should pay special attention to how their child interacts with his friends and classmates.

Children born under the Leo star are striving for new impressions. They are extremely glad to get an opportunity for finding something new. Unfortunately, arranging of all entertainments is task of Leo’s parents.

Very difficult undertaking is making little Lions to help their parents; daily pursuits seem to be boring for them. But in spheres, where creative skills are required, Leo will express himself fully and brightly or even impose their will. They will enthusiastically take part in process of choosing furniture and other interior details, decoration of the festive table and planning of the solemn events. Children of this horoscope sign have multitude of hobbies – sport, dancing, chorus, theatre and many more.

For small Lions it is significant to learn how to build relationships with other people, consider their opinions and take into account their interests.

In his/her awkward age Leo has many affections and disappointments, in such moments he/she needs delicate support. Parents should try to strengthen self-confidence and optimistic worldview of their child; otherwise he can become embittered and accuse other people of his misfortunes.

Leo Cusps

Cancer/ Leo cusp (dates July 22 – July 29) is guided by the Moon and the Sun. People born in this period respect their past and very interested in their ancestors and family history. Personality of these cuspians contains immense concentration of love, happiness and positive. All the mentioned features can be successfully applied on the theatrical stage.

The ruling planets of Leo/Virgo cusp (dates August 21 – August 28) are Mercury and the Sun. Leo/Virgo individuals represent a fascinating cocktail of the self-indulgence, narcissism and confidence. They have acute sense of self-worth and don’t allow other people deny importance of their contributions to public life.