23.09 - 23.10

People born under this sign are modest, charming and friendly. They do not get offended over trifles and try not to hurt close people whose aspirations and desires they are able to guess due to the extremely developed intuition. The ability of Libras to predict the future is amazing, especially in combination with their light character not shadowed by mystical presentiments. They seem to be lucky and joyful, always open for communication, however, after their horoscope, Libras’ nature is contradictory, and they might turn into real monsters in some periods of their life.

The dark side of Libras is as unattractive as the light part of the personality of Libras is appealing. Becoming capricious, nervous and simply evil sometimes, people of this sign risk losing their friends who are used to seeing them completely different.

As you can see from the general horoscope, Libras are also unstable in their lifestyle: activeness and tirelessness is intermitted with the periods of complete apathy, when nothing is able to interest or captivate a Libra. Horoscope knows only one exception, books: Libras always like reading and get great pleasure even from reading complicated scientific works due to their unique ability to concentrate.

Men Libras are generous for both money and advice which not all people can follow: being led by logics and cold calculation, our heroes neglect human psychology as a factor of lower importance. By the way, male Libras often express their suggestions in a critical form, forgetting how important friendly support is for others. Seeing others’ mistakes, a Libra man will not notice his own ones and might often seem too cold-hearted and groundlessly conceited.

Women Libras, with all their charms, also possess some typically male traits and they perfectly realize it. Allure and light character, typical characteristics of a Libra woman, will most probably conceal a hard, if not severe, temper. At the same time, a female Libra will try not to show her superiority over others, and this is why she’s nice and pleasant in communication.

Libra astrology

Libra is known as the seventh astrological Zodiac sign, with its name coming from the constellation of Libra. In western astrology traditions, this sign is not associated with the constellation of Libra any more because of the precession of the equinoxes. In general astrology, Libra is known to be an extrovert, positive, "masculine" sign. It is also considered to be a sign of air as well as one of the cardinal signs. Libra is governed by Venus (the same planet also rules Taurus). As the seventh Zodiac sign, Libra belongs to the astrological seventh house and falls under the astrology of Libra.

People born in the period of the Sun being in Libra stars are called Libra individuals. According to the tropical zodiac, by definition the Sun comes into Libra at the time of autumnal equinox on the 23d of September and leaves it on the 22nd of October. After the sidereal zodiac, the Sun is now there approximately from the 19th of October to the 16th of November.

Libra can also be called "Scales" or sometimes "Balance" and is the sole zodiac symbol which is shown as an inanimate object, and not as an animal or a person.

Astrology for Libras also defines cusp cases.

Virgo/Libra cusp

The Virgo/Libra Cusp dates roughly from the 20th of September to the 26th of September. The Virgo/Libran, also called Virgobra, or sometimes Librago, are considered to be wonderful arbitrators, hard-working, humble, productive, determined, alluring, open-minded, introvert, down-to-earth, logical, reasonable, appealing, thorough, assiduous, industrious, ambitious, intelligent, calm, good interlocutors, self-demanding, idealistic, peacemakers, charismatic, diplomatic, mannerly, neat, tolerant, just, playful, sentimental, and faithful. The Virgo/Libran is notorious for being cold, unfair, suggestible, self-indulgent, quick-tempered, fussy, anxious, unreliable, unconfident, hypochondriacs, moody, and irresolute. This is also called the Cusp of Beauty.

Scorpio/Libra cusp

The Libra/Scorpio Cusp dates roughly from the 20th of October to the 26th of October. The Libran/Scorpion, also called "Scorbra" or "Licorpo" are known to aspire to harmony and balance, highly intuitive, polite, industrious, determined, attentive, alluring, ambivert, knowledgeable, sexual, romantic, communicative, strong, delicate, outgoing, mystical, determined, faithful, devoted, funny, scientific, logical, helpful and intense. The Libran/Scorpion’s worse features are being stubborn, indolent, authoritative, secretive, manipulative, pleasure-loving, dogmatic, sarcastic, capricious, selfish and intrusive.

Personality of a Libra

According to the horoscope, Libra is an active sign, however people born under it do not possess enough energy to overcome the influence of the environment and prefer to escape and close in instead of fighting openly and persistently. Having enough forces to fulfill any decisions, Libras spend too much time to take them, endlessly considering various possibilities and conditions and finally missing the time optimal for this or that action. It’s possible to persuade people of this sign to act quickly, but in this case they will do their best not to bear the responsibility for what’s going on.

However, when the decision is already taken, Libras normally stick to their choice and intuitively distribute the efforts in a way which will help them reach the set goals in the order of their priority. It’s especially important that Libras do not deviate from the chosen path as if not noticing the temptations which surround them.

Libra traits include the love to intellectual challenges. Participating actively in discussions and disputes, Libras enjoy the intellectual confrontation rather than defend their point of view; sometimes they provoke conflicts with the only purpose of having the chance to defend themselves from the attacks of the opponent.

During those periods when their energy is weakening, Libras withdraw into themselves, become unsociable and reserved. They seem to be saving up forces for a new dash which will surely be well though-over and elaborated to details, although might come a bit late.

The element of the sign in Libra horoscope

Horoscope for Libra states that the element of Libras is the air which endows them not only with certain volatility, but also with elusiveness. Libras don’t like trusting anyone blindly or belonging to anyone completely; they prefer to be invisibly present, having the possibility to disappear in an unknown direction anytime.

People of this sign as if wrap their friends and close people into a gentle cloud of non-intrusive attention which turns into the blackest and suffocative smoke when Libras are in a bad mood.

Libras acquire knowledge as if from air, it’s as natural for them to learn and to apprehend something new as it is to breathe. The acquired information doesn’t make Libras’ life any harder: everything unpleasant or worrisome dissipates in their consciousness as easily as morning mist.

Health in Libra horoscope

Normally Libras cannot complain about their psychical or physical health and try to protect themselves from excessive tress or tiring. However their inclination to solitude in difficult periods sometimes leads them to a depression which, in its turn, hits the vulnerable points of Libras – liver and kidneys.

As one can see from the horoscope, Libras, especially those who cannot avoid physical work, suffer from diseases of their back, and often very strong ones. Others pay for the hard labor with sharp headaches which can’t be healed, but can disappear for a long time by themselves.

There are very few thin people among Libras; a lot of them suffer from eating too much and having no interest for sports, others pay with their health for the excessive love for alcohol.

Keys to success in love in Libra horoscope

Libras are rarely catastrophically unhappy in private life – at least as long as it depends on them. Representatives of this sign are too prudent to commit irreparable mistakes or actions which they will later regret. However their prudence trenches upon indecisiveness and you spend a huge amount of time looking for the answer to a simple question which basically isn’t worth your attention.

Libra horoscope suggests that you should learn to play a leader role more often and to act on behalf of yourself. Allowing your partner to rule your actions, you forget – and wrongly! – that you could also take up a certain share of responsibility for the development of the relationships which are dear to you.

Five typical problems and five keys to happiness in love.

    1. I can’t find a match

Having spent some time in loneliness and having given up the idea to find a person who would evoke a genuine interest in them, Libras sometimes turn out to be involved in totally futureless and sometimes even ruinous relations. Not daring to show initiative and get closer to a worthy person you get into unsophisticated traps arranged by those who like and know how to command. Nothing bad happens at first; moreover, you may enjoy the fact that you have a strong and decisive person who is ready to rule you by your side. But the disappointment will not take a long time to come; having realized that the choice was wrong, Libras do not hurry to break up the relationship, preferring to endure and to suffer. And when the situation becomes intolerable, Libras make a decisive step, and suffer again – from loneliness this time.

If you strive for harmonious relationships based not only on love, but also on mutual respect, you have to learn to respect yourself and to use the forces which the nature gave you. There is no need to grasp the first coming emotional support if you have enough of your own energy and fortitude – remember that and resist the temptation to enter a relationship which will not bring you anything but an evanescent satisfaction from not being lonely.

    2. We love each other, but I don’t feel happy

According to their horoscope, Libras are distinguished by certain emotional immaturity which hinders the development of harmonious relationships even in case the partners sincerely love each other. Representatives of this sign can’t stop worrying about the fact that any relationship implies responsibility from both sides; the apprehension that sooner or later they will have to take a decision the consequences of which are impossible to predict is able to blight any love affair. If you are young, don’t hurry to plunge into romantic abysses while you are not sure if you are independent enough in taking decisions; Libras of a more mature age should remember about the fact that they can fight the negative tendencies instead of putting up with the situation which causes soul discomfort.

And indispensable condition of happiness within a couple is a feeling of internal harmony of each of the participants; however you don’t have to necessarily reach it on you own. If you don’t have the reasons to doubt that the choice of your partner was right and you are not a victim of his or her manipulations, speak openly about the things which bother you, but never stop working upon yourself. In addition to that, use every chance to implement your ideas, to realize your projects and to approach the realization of your biggest dreams.

    3. We do not understand each other

This is a problem faced even by those Libras who trust their partners absolutely and infinitely, openly discussing everything going on in their souls and sincerely admitting their desires. Sometimes offences can be caused by the words, seemingly understandable and simple, not having a desired effect; you get an impression that your partner simply turns a deaf ear to them.

Ability to keep peace is among good characteristics of Libras, but its side effect is the beneficence of the representatives of this sign. In the end you cede to your partners again and again, subconsciously expecting the same steps from them, while they don’t even have a clue how much you pay for the peace and compliance.

    4. I feel like a victim of my partner

Libra horoscope shows that Libras are endowed by sufficient soul force and emotional firmness, but they prefer to forget about it when it comes to love, for the reason known to them only. Libras who don’t stand loneliness and try to avoid confrontations, become a desirable booty for all kinds of manipulators; and since they are also intelligent and sensitive, psychological games with them are quite captivating. Of course, you don’t have to necessarily suspect your partners of evil intentions and all deadly sins if you suddenly notice that you often act the way they expect you to and have totally forgotten about your own desires and aspirations. It’s quite probable that your partners are involved with the only task of caring about your well-being the way they understand it.

This problem is complicated, and its resolution will take a lot of time. You should start with analyzing the situation; here both logics and intuition should help you. Evaluate your partner without avoiding critics and not allowing your emotions to influence your thoughts, try to find the reasons of his or her behavior and decide whether it makes sense to openly discuss the situation. In some cases it might seem to be too difficult, then you should start with small things, defending your interests, not avoiding disputes, showing persistence and determination. The most vulnerable and emotionally defenseless Libras sometimes choose the tactics of counter manipulations which they feed with their weakness. Be very careful if you have taken this path and try to leave it as soon as you get such a chance, otherwise you risk to complicate the situation which is not simple as it is.

    5. I cannot timely end the relationships I’m not happy with

It’s clear from the Libra horoscope that Libras fall in love quickly and often tie themselves with marriage bonds without specifically thinking about what it may lead to. The decision to part is often hard to take for the representatives of this sign, and the situation becomes especially complicated when a partner cannot be reproached for anything – but for the fact that he or she is not ideal, of course.

Don’t wait for the situation to settle by itself, you have to act in this situation. Be tactful, don’t offend the person you once loved, but don’t accuse yourself too much, either – there is a high possibility that you will believe that you were the cause of all mishaps. Finally, promise to yourself that you will not repeat the past mistakes in new relationships; the assuredness in that the future will open a path for happiness in private life for you will help you take the hard decision.

Career and professions in Libra horoscope

Physical labor is totally forbidden to Libras in any form: this sign gives birth to thinkers and not workers. Excessive pressure would rather undermine the health of Libras than raise their vitality.

After the horoscope, Libras are much better at commercial activities, however a rather humble interest to money and the absence of business holdfast don’t allow them to become brilliant business people. Besides, the market often demands fast decisions which Libras find extremely difficult to take.

Instead, the ability to rationally speculate and to evaluate the situation from different sides makes Libras quite helpful in law making and social activities. In general, due to their ability and skills to plan the future in details, they usually become wonderful designers, Sci-Fi writers or futurologists.

Libras should choose a narrow specialization, since a wide range of activities has a negative influence on their intellectual abilities. Being inclined to medicine, a person born under this sign will become a wonderful specialist in his field, but will feel extremely unsure outside of it.

Sexuality of the sign in Libra horoscope

Personality of a Libra, which is charming, smiling and very beautiful, conquers others’ hearts easily, however they don’t easily get infatuated themselves. They tend to scrupulously choose a partner instead of throwing themselves into the arms of the very first person who beckons them. Even being in love, Libras remain selfish inside, but this seems to attract more and more new victims to them.

Erotic life of Libras is a real piece of art: they know how to enjoy everything sexual relationships give without giving in to a reckless passion. Sometimes Libras have several love affairs at the same time, and not because of their dissoluteness, but being led by the desire to choose the best partner.

Sometimes Libras do not reject sexual relationships even when their feelings are long and hopelessly gone: they resourcefully find arguments proving that it’s too early to part with the person they once loved. Moreover, the personality of a Libra is normally not cruel, this is why they prefer not to hurt even those people they have fallen out of love with.

Love failures happen quite often to Libras. Horoscope suggests that it might happen because they often speculate where they need to act. However, individuals of this sign have an enviable ability not to take romantic disappointments too seriously - at least because they normally have someone to comfort them.

Marriage and compatibility in Libra horoscope

One of the remarkable traits of Libras is the ability to love, but they are seldom happy in marriage: they think over every action for too long and analyze every word of their partner, finding a second or even a third sense in it which was not implied there, of course.

Another enemy of Libras in their heart affairs is being demanding. They desire complete, absolute and cloudless happiness while they keep finding the reasons to get upset or disappointed with their relationships.

The first several years of marriage are usually the most difficult for Libras, especially in case their heart is taken by a decisive and integral person. The different in characters smoothes out with time, but Libras, as if remembering the past, continue expecting a trick, thus tiring both themselves and their partners.

A union of two people born under the sign of Libra is not really bad, but highly improbable: they will both hesitate for too long and most probably neither of them will dare make the first step.

A union with a Gemini will not be successful: the changeability of one partner and the endless hesitations of the other do not contribute to the harmony of hearts.

Libras will manage to balance the energy of a Scorpio, and sometimes to adorn a lonesome life of a reserved Cancer.

Culinary preferences in Libra horoscope

Libras are mostly gourmands, connoisseurs of good wines and sweets. They cannot be reproached of either insatiability or indiscriminateness. Yet, Libras tend to choose not what is healthy for them. For example, they reject coarse-grained bread for the sake of cakes and tarts; prefer fat and hot sauces to aromatic herbs and spices, smoked sausage – to stewed meat.

Libras should watch that their ration includes seafood, green vegetables, meat, cherry juice rich in potassium and sodium.

Children horoscope of Libras

Children Libras bring a lot of joy to their parents and other relatives while causing practically no troubles. They are sensible, obedient, neat and assiduous, are normally in a good mood, have a good sense of humor and tactfulness from the early age. The only serious problem lies in their unwillingness (and sometimes inability) to take decisions independently. As a result, a child Libra either obeys his parents in everything or finds an example to follow among peers – unfortunately, not always the best example.

The earlier the parents start encouraging any demonstrations of self-support and independence of their child’s statements, the better. Of course they should not approve of wrong actions or mistakes, but it’s completely indispensable to give the child the chance to think everything over and to formulate his own opinion.

Libras are often sickly in their childhood – colds, allergies and other sicknesses do not miss them. Parents should pay special attention to cold training of their children, make them get used to regular sports trainings and to healthy nutrition.

Another characteristic of Libra children is their high sensitivity; such children react to sharp and loud noises painfully, dislike garish colors and feel extremely uncomfortable being dressed into clothes made of ticklish tissues. Instead, the nature generally endows such children with musical, creative or artistic abilities; the question is to find the proper application to these talents.