General horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius representatives are distinguished by high activity of both mind and body during the whole course of their lives, and this is why they are usually harmoniously developed and are often in a good mood. Some of the Sagittarius traits are the appreciation of openness, casualty and freedom, as well as painful perception of all kinds of limitations.

Kind-heartedness and sincerity, other good Sagittarius traits, are unfortunately balanced by impulsiveness which often becomes excessive. In addition to that, people of this sign easily fall into extremities, getting enemies now with excessive sincerity, now with useless struggle for justice. It’s interesting that Sagittarius representatives defend others’ rights more often than their own; they constantly feel responsible for the people around them and often bother them with their care.

There are two types of people in Sagittarius horoscope: noble idealists, who strive to make everyone happy, and avaricious quirky financiers who crave to gain power whatever the price. The latter are considered to be flatterers and snobs by a lot of people, and not without a reason, but they do not really care about it.

By the way, all Sagittarius people are sure about their own impeccability and turn a deaf ear to even the fairest criticism, as well as reject good advice in the rudest matter. At the same time Sagittarius treat those who do not try to influence their behavior very nicely. They will always find a joke or a compliment, a minute to have a small chat and even a shoulder to cry upon.

Men Sagittarius are distinguished by being talkative and sometimes have not less desire to chat than women do. The rebellious spirit turns a male Sagittarius into an eternal adolescent who can allow himself a completely impudent behavior or a hooligan action, and even getting into a fight. It’s still good that a Sagittarius man normally turns out to be a winner in a fight; by the way, after the fight male Sagittarius do not spare means to comfort the vanquished opponent. Actually, Sagittarius men are always generous.

Sagittarius women make wonderful mothers distinguished by nobleness and readiness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family. A woman Sagittarius will almost never punish a child without a reason, will not cheat on her husband and will not deceive close people. The only thing a female Sagittarius hates doing is keeping the household. She might apply all the efforts to create the coziness in the house, but the result of those efforts will not satisfy her, in the first turn. However, the invariable optimism of Sagittarius women helps them treat such weaknesses calmly.

Astrology of Sagittarius

Sagittarius astrology places Sagittarius into the ninth position in the astrological Zodiac circle, with its name deriving from the constellation of Sagittarius. After the western astrology, this sign does not coincide with the Sagittarius stars any more because of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is known as a positive, "masculine", extroverted sign. It’s also a sign of fire and belongs to one of the four mutable signs. Jupiter is the planet which is considered to be ruling Sagittarius. In general, the Sagittarius sign representatives are thought to get along with other fire signs like Leo or Aries. There are, of course, many different variables that define compatibility in astrology for Sagittarius, like the dates of birth, the months of birth, the years of birth, the positioning of the sign in relation to the Sun, the Moon, the other planets, the Stars and so on. The signs considered to be compatible with Sagittarius in Sagittarius horoscope do not necessarily determine the individual interpretation or individual profile of a person, but rather sketch a common guideline which is highly influenced and altered by variables like Traits and Elements of the Zodiac.

According to the Greek mythology, centaur serves as the image for the Sagittarius: half horse, half human. In some legends which have come to the present day, the Centaur Chiron was known to be the offspring of Saturn and Philyra. Saturn was alleged to have turned himself into a horse in order to get away from Rhea, his wife who drove him mad with her jealousy. Chiron was later immortalized in the constellation of Centaurus which is the same as the constellation of Sagittarius in some versions.

In the astrology for Sagittarius there are also two cusps, distinguished by the following traits:

Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp

The Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp dates from around the 19th of November to the 26th of November. The 'Scorpittarian' people, also called "Sagicorpio", are known to be a sexual, curious, just, ambitious, intuitive, sincere, self-relying, outgoing, extrovert, diverse, modern, strong, well-natured, flirtatious, playful, kind, optimistic, faithful, motivated, tolerant, competitive, self-assured, enthusiastic and big-hearted. The Scorpion/Sagittarian people are notorious for being obstinate, possessive, suspicious, cunning, quick-tempered, assertive, argumentative, suspicious, vain, pushy, provoking and blunt. This cusp is sometimes called the Cusp of Revolution.

Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp

The Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp dates from around the 19th of December to the 25th of December. People born during this person are called either Sagicorn or Caprittarius. The Sagittarian/Capricorn representatives are known to be determined, truth-seeking, inquisitive in curious in both physical and mental spheres, tolerant, faithful, freedom-loving, generous, self-possessive, self-assured, trustworthy, charismatic, adaptable, down-to-earth, extrovert, tactile, economical, grow-up, cunning, old-fashioned, fun, self-reliant, talkative, social, responsible, amiable, warm-hearted, positive, straight-forward, witty, enjoying competition, high-spirited, faithful, flirtatious, romantic, ambitious, and determined. Among the negative features of Sagittarian/Capricorn there are being fragrant, rough, exaggerating, quick-tempered, impulsive, hot-headed, conceited, and aggressive.

Personality of Sagittarius

Sagittarius horoscope says that Sagittarius belongs to active (masculine) sings, and it’s hard not to notice it when dealing with people born under this sign. A Sagittarius, whether a strategist or a humble executor, is always active to the point of being restless, and it’s also very easy for him to dare commit a reckless action, although that comes from the natural fearlessness.

Sagittarius’ vivacity has probably one weak point only – people of this sign are able to deal with only one thing, although they concentrate on it completely. They are not only unwilling, but also unable to solve several tasks at the same time. It’s worth mentioning that Sagittarius people sometimes act too fast, without taking enough time to think their actions over and to estimate the consequences they may lead to.

Besides that, Sagittarius people should definitely believe in what they are doing. They do not go by commonly accepted standards or promising prospects, they prefer to follow their own inclinations and ideas. The latter are very unstable, by the way, a Sagittarius is capable of taking decisions suddenly and changing their point of view to the completely opposite one.

Cautiousness, which is peculiar to a lot of Sagittarius by Sagittarius horoscope, should not be confused with cowardice: there are especially many representatives of dangerous professions and extreme sports fans among the people of this sign. Sagittarius people are endowed with a natural aptitude which helps them avoid injuries in risky situations.

Sagittarius horoscope shows that Sagittarius people are afraid of boredom and do not hesitate to change their lives, they would be happy to do it as often as possible in case they were not diverted from this by the dreams about happy future and world justice.

The element of the sign in Sagittarius horoscope

The horoscope of Sagittarius refers this sign to the trigone of fire. This fire is stable and strong and only becomes brighter because of the wafts of the wind, but doesn’t cast sparks around and doesn’t cover an extended territory.

When we speak about Sagittarius as a fire sign, we should note that like all fire people, Sagittarius representatives like all kinds of adventures, but do not rush into them recklessly unlike Aries and do not plunge into dreaming rather than acting, which often happens to Leos.

Sagittarius is perhaps in the best position in relation to all the sings of the trigone – his fire is strong enough and at the same time easily controlled. Sagittarius people do not burn down in the flame of their passions, like Aries do, but do not content with passive contemplation like Leos do, either. Their Fire burns evenly and brightly, giving them enough energy to go forward.

Health is Sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius people are not very sickly; their most serious enemies are humidity and cold. Sagittarius catch cold easily, and it rarely ends with running nose and coughing, often leading to serious diseases of lungs and throat. Smoking Sagittarius find it really hard, since they are inclines to give way to their weaknesses and do not refuse cigarettes even while being ill.

Sagittarius also suffer from rheumatism which is often a result of their habit of dressing lightly and spending a lot of time outside. Those Sagittarius who have a deskbound office work are not luckier – they suffer from pain in shoulders and back.

In general, in order to be healthy, Sagittarius representatives need the help of a calm, reasonable person who would look after them and tame their energy. Sagittarius’ restlessness affects their mental health, as well – by the end of their lives they are caught by nervous illnesses which are often incurable.

According to their horoscope, Sagittarius individuals get into accidents relatively often, and the consequences of them normally affect their health for a long period of time. Luckily, characteristics of Sagittarius include a high level of optimism which helps them not to get frustrated or depressed even in the time of being seriously ill.

Sagittarius individuals usually have a not really good skin, and a lot of them often suffer from dermatological diseases because of this.

Keys to success in love in Sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius representatives don’t look for easy ways to happiness, and it affects their personal life to a considerable degree. Fortunately, the developed sense of self-protection which is among good traits of Sagittarius helps them avoid the relations which may harm them. And still, failures in private life sometimes waylay them as well. The reasons for this lie in such characteristics of a Sagittarius as the adventurous character and the inability to stop when needed.

The personality of a Sagittarius includes other traits which may place obstacles on his way to gaining personal happiness and soul harmony, and those are their natural stubbornness as well as the strong desire to edify everyone who has an opinion different from his own. This is the very reason why a lot of love affairs with a Sagittarius which begin in a fascinatingly interesting manner often lead to creating relations which do not really have true peace: pretexts for pretences and dissatisfaction, criticism, reproaches and irritation keep appearing all the time. At the same time, Sagittarius individuals do not want to part with their partner at all, and they will not decide to break up anyway, expecting the things to get better in a little while. Such a couple can last for quite a long time in the hope for the harmony, but never reach it.

Sagittarius horoscope suggests that in order to become happier in their private life they should admit that despite all their natural energy, activity and internal force they still have the need to feel protected sometimes. As strange as it may sound, these lovers of adventures and dangerous endeavors highly appreciate stability, faithfulness and devotion in their partners.

Career and professions in Sagittarius horoscope

The career of Sagittarius representatives normally develops unevenly and seems to contradict their nature: being able to concentrate on and to deal with the same case for a long time, Sagittarius people try not to be limited with one profession, starting their life from the new page again and again. Sagittarius traits of being hard-working and concentrated help them gain success in virtually any endeavor, but the close the top is the more Sagittarius people want to do something new and unknown.

The most active and fearless Sagittarius make a good career in professions which scare away more peaceful and calm people; police officers, fire fighters, lifeguards, military journalists, service people, pilots or divers – these are the professions the representatives of this sign choose unless someone limits their choice.

A lot of Sagittarius like music and this is why they become composers, performers or instrument manufacturing specialists.

Sagittarius are gamblers by nature and those who do not realize this inclination in business normally become casino patrons or exchange house wheeler-dealers. Unfortunately, Sagittarius are not lucky in gambling, and the money which they easily earn escapes them at once.

Sagittarius tend to suffer from passiveness, hence work is an indispensable part of their life, which makes them sacrifice not only their free time, but their family interests as well.

Sexuality in Sagittarius horoscope

People born under the sign of Sagittarius usually fall in love for the first time back in childhood and they keep the ability to get momentarily infatuated and to give all their soul to every new love affair for the whole life. Sagittarius individuals are romantic and charm easily, but they are not distinguished by stability. It might seem that Sagittarius simply collect their love victories, while it’s not true, they are sincerely in love every time and they suffer a lot from break-ups.

Sagittarius should not be accused of being volatile: they are simply too active to be loyal. If Sagittarius manage to find a partner able to change together with them – or to be a step ahead even, such a love affair can be both long-lasting and passionate.

Sure, it will take serious efforts: Sagittarius are inclined to get new erotic impressions by changing the partner rather than perfecting the relationships with someone who has already fallen victim to their charm.

Sagittarius normally have a great number of sexual partners, and this is also explained by the fact that people of this sign are always lucky in love, while they are afraid of any demonstrations of possessive instincts and often limit their relationships with the person they like to sex only. This is also the reason why Sagittarius may maintain the relationships with a married partner for a long time, because it doesn’t threaten them with any obligations.

The fear of boredom is the characteristic of a Sagittarius which also manifests in their sexual live. At the same time, Sagittarius rarely suggest to bring some new element into the relationships, while they accept the partner’s ideas with enthusiasm. Also, they generously share the new knowledge and refine their skills in the company of a completely different person.

Marriage and compatibility in Sagittarius horoscope

The inclination to make important actions without thinking affects the family life of many Sagittarius individuals in a most dramatic manner: they get married very young, not listening to anyone’s advice, and then, even having got disappointed, do not dare break up the commitment. The thing is that people of this sign are very proud and would torture themselves and others rather than admit having committed a mistake. Sagittarius are generally inclined to brag about their home hearth even in case the fire is long gone there.

Neither men nor women born under this sign strive to get married. They need freedom to be happy, and this is why their partners should not try to completely possess their soul mates. People of this sign normally value intelligence and erudition in their partners over external attractiveness or passion.

Family life of Sagittarius is very uneven: periods of romantic passion are followed by scandals caused by eccentricity and bursts of anger peculiar to the representatives of this sign. Herewith, Sagittarius usually cannot correct their mistakes, but at least they learn how to make reparations for a wrong with time.

Sagittarius don’t mind commanding their beloved person, but would not tolerate a similar treatment towards themselves. Direct criticism offends them greatly, and if Sagittarius are in a bad mood, they can make a problem out of any trifle and end up breaking up the relationship.

Sagittarius may seem unpredictable and able to get mad over a trifle, but the thing is that they are used to hide their emotions and weaknesses even from their beloved people, and they only let their feelings go when it’s too late to correct mistakes.

A union of two Sagittarius will be successful and interesting, full of adventures and travels. Sagittarius will be a good match for Aries, understanding their seditious soul while skillfully softening their selfishness and assertiveness.

Sagittarius will find a key to the vain heart of Leos, also charging them with their energy and thirst for life.

But a union with Pisces will hardly be successful. The thing is that the fervency, characteristic for Sagittarius, is able to scare vulnerable and sensitive Pisces.

Food preferences in Sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius should be moderate in food while taking care of their nutrition being diverse. Otherwise they eat too much of fat and hot food, forgetting about fresh vegetables and fruit, and replacing tea and juices with alcohol which they’d better actually exclude.

Sagittarius should be very careful with seafood; dishes from Japanese cuisine might cause them rejection. Fish is preferable in the boiled or baked state, without spices with a sharp taste or fat sauces.

Beans, cauliflower, carrots and tomatoes are good for Sagittarius.

Children horoscope for Sagittarius

Young Sagittarius belong to those charming and nice children who are surrounded by attention everywhere, make new friends easily and have a lot of protectors among adults. They are really easy to get along with: from the early childhood Sagittarius possess that special openness towards the world which makes them stand out during their whole life. However, when Sagittarius speak their mind in childhood, the wider public says that “truth comes out of the mouths of babes and sucklings”; while when grown-up Sagittarius do the same, they are reproached for being tactless and rude.

Sagittarius present equally high demands for both themselves and the adults. Such a child will not listen to the reproaches of laziness and negligence from a person who cannot boast being hard-working and neat himself. Herewith Sagittarius have a ready wit; as soon as they start speaking, quite sharp statements may come out of their mouth.

It’s not easy to gain and keep the respect of a Sagittarius child. Remarkable mind and outstanding abilities are not enough to do that, you will also need self-criticism, ability to admit your own mistakes and ask forgiveness for them as well as the sense of justice.

Sagittarius are curious to the point of its becoming the hindrance rather then assistance in their school performance. Endless questions of such a child lead a lot of teachers into a dead end, and the urge of a young Sagittarius for various experiments might be dangerous for both himself and his classmates. But the main problem lies in that Sagittarius really like getting new information, but don’t apply any efforts to keep it in their mind. In the best case they will remember where to look up the necessary information or whom to turn to with a corresponding question.

Sagittarius horoscope shows that both young and adult Sagittarius treat any limitations of their freedom very negatively. Parents will hardly manage to keep such children at home if they want to go out, to dictate to them which books to read and which clothes to wear. However, you shouldn’t think that Sagittarius turn a deaf ear to all your advice and remarks: they analyze them thoroughly and draw their own conclusions.

Sagittarius fall in love very easily – you can notice it at an early age already. Sagittarius get a new “special” friend in every company they get into. At the same time, such children get over romantic disappointments very easily; nobody is capable of depriving them of their optimism and self-confidence.