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Judging by the diverse horoscope, Scorpio is probably the sign which gives the widest variety of characters and traits to a researcher enthusiastic about astrology; both materialists and mystics, humanists and slaves of their own low passions, people of colossal intellect and individuals of unique stupidity can be born under this sign. Meeting a Scorpio, you can be sure in one thing – it will be interesting to be around him, but almost always dangerous. In any case this is not a person in the company of whom you will be able to relax.

One of the traits of Scorpios is independence of mind. Scorpios are normally not interested in others’ opinions and tend to give theirs even in case they are not asked to, ignoring tactfulness and customs. Scorpios are so independent in their statements that they will easily and sincerely doubt even a commonly known fact and it will be simply impossible to make them change their mind. Absolute assuredness in their own ideas, as you can guess, does not contribute to their ability (or at least the desire) to compromise.

Some astrologists distinguish three types of Scorpios: poisonous (evil, revengeful, greedy and merciless, who also often become the victims of their own aggression), noble (such people are also called Eagles, they are just and reasonable, the least selfish and the most intelligent among Scorpios) and “grey lizards”. The latter could be dangerous if they were not so weak: they are only able to hate quietly, they are painfully shy, might seem harmless, but in some cases might bite even a friendly hand.

Men Scorpios possess not only strength, but also cunningness and this is why a man Scorpio is simply unbeatable in both an open fight and a hidden struggle. Male Scorpios are endowed by a sharp mind, but are not deprived of emotions, are very independent in their decisions and trust only their own choice in everything.

A woman Scorpio might seem weak and defenseless, but in fact she’s very strong, and besides capable of taking over anyone who happens to be in her sight. Some women Scorpios have a very strong intuition, but many of them simply make the future be the way they want to see it. Female Scorpios don’t know the middle in feeling – they either love greatly or hate endlessly, and sometimes the same person.

Astrology of Scorpio

Scorpio is known as the eighth Zodiac astrological sign, its name coming from the constellation of Scorpio. Scorpio is thought to be an introverted feminine sign by the majority of contemporary astrologists. It is also a sign of sun and belongs to the fixed signs. Initially, the planet of Mars was thought to rule Scorpio stars. However since the discovery of Pluto, it has become the major ruler, while Mars remains a co-ruler. Scorpio belongs to the eighth astrological house.

People born during the period of the Sun being in this sign are called Scorpio individuals and the astrology for Scorpio evidences that they are extraordinarily powerful. By the tropical zodiac system, the Sun comes to Scorpio on the 23d of October and leaves it on the 21st of November. By the sidereal zodiac system, it’s now there approximately from the 16th of November to the 15th of December. In astrology, Scorpio can be shown as an eagle or a phoenix, although this representation is quite esoteric.

Libra/Scorpio cusp

The Libra/Scorpio Cusp covers the dates from the 20th of October to the 26th of October. The Libran/Scorpion, also called either "Scorbra" or "Licorpo" are considered to strive to build & keep in balance harmony, with strong intuition, diplomatic, diligent, determined, intense, appealing, alert, sexy, talkative, strong, ambiverted, sensitive, outgoing, mystical, responsible, faithful, devoted, sentimental, playful, abstract reasoning, helpful. The Libran/Scorpions are notorious for being obstinate, lazy, cunning, bossy, hedonistic, tyrannical, sarcastic, self-indulgent, and authoritative.

Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp

The Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp is between the 19th of November and the 26th of November. The 'Scorpittarian' person (also called "Sagicorpio") is known to be a researcher, sexual, inquisitive, enthusiastic, independent, intuitive, sincere, free, extrovert, diverse, nonconformist, powerful, witty, flirtatious, playful, attentive, well-humored, faithful, determined, broadminded, competitive, confident and generous. The Scorpion/Sagittarian is notorious for being possessive, distrustful, stubborn, cruel, impatient, intrusive, intolerant, envious, vain, hot-tempered, catty, rebellious and blunt.

Personality of Scorpios in Scorpio horoscope

Despite all the inherent power Scorpio is a passive sign and you will surely notice it communicating with its representatives. A Scorpio will accumulate the hurt rather than show the indignation, will enjoy the postponed revenge, but will not engage in a fight with an offender. The tactics of waiting is fruitful: Scorpios hardly ever have strong enemies, while there are always more than enough evil-wishes around them.

From their horoscope, Scorpios might seem very purposeful, but this trait only applies to trifles: they will not abnegate anything for the sake of distant prospects.

Scorpios’ attitude to the outer world depends greatly on how much they have achieved in life: losers are usually greedy and selfish while those coming to the top of success strive to please as many people as possible.

In spite of their egotism Scorpio traits also include humanitarianism, but it should be encouraged and even educated, because Scorpios are unable to do it themselves.

Personality of a Scorpio is most often remarkable. Almost all people born under this sign are distinguished by a bright individuality and nobody remains indifferent to them. Scorpios encounter a lot of trials on their life path, which only strengthen their will and pride.

The element of the sign in Scorpio astrology

Scorpio belongs to the trigone of Water and is the most impetuous, unpredictable and open in showing power among all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Scorpio is always a turbulent torrent, often sweeping everything on its way. No obstacles can stop it.

A Scorpio’s life is hectic and eventful, similar to a descent down a mountain river abounding in waterfalls and rifts. Often it’s not until the mature age that Scorpios start realizing how to manage this huge energy, and before that they have too much of it, now swallowing water, now getting bruises from hitting underwater stones.

Health in Scorpio horoscope

If Scorpios are born healthy (and most often it happens so, since the nature is generous in life force for the representatives of this sign), you can be sure that they will withstand sicknesses till old age: their organisms seem to be endowed with an ability to accumulate health. Moreover, Scorpios are usually in a good physical form, enjoy doing sports and reasonable amount of physical exercise. However, they tend to become overweight towards the mature age.

The destiny compensates these natural gifts by the lack of lack, generously presenting Scorpios with accidents and hard trials which undermine the nervous system. Scorpios may follow a diet, do exercises daily and lead the healthiest way of life, while ruining themselves with unpleasant thoughts and sometimes even drugs.

Scorpios also suffer from heart diseases, which turn more serious in the most difficult periods of their lives.

Another painful spots of all Scorpios are back and legs. Diseases of vertebra and varicose veins trouble them a lot in mature and elderly age.

Keys to success in life in Scorpio horoscope

Scorpios may be infinitely attractive, but the reputation of the representatives of this sign is not the best, so many people prefer to avoid their company. However the one who will manage to understand a Scorpio and to estimate the beauty of his soul will surely find a good friend, a loving and devoted spouse.

Your romantic life might be complicated, warns the horoscope. Scorpios often have to go through a lot of troubles before they reach harmony in relationships. However you should not get desperate – your nature is flexible and you will manage to be happy working upon yourself and using your stronger sides fully.

Seven typical problems – seven keys to the happiness in love.

    1. I cannot find a suitable partner.

In spite of all the good characteristics of Scorpios, a lot of people prefer not to get close to the representatives of this powerful sign, being afraid of the displays of their hot temper or of the unpredictable change of moods. In order to prevent disappointment and accidental relations doomed to failure, you have to sort out your relationships with the outer world. Watch how others react to your behavior and you will understand what exactly you have to correct not to create unnecessary problems for yourself.

As you can easily guess from their horoscope, Scorpios know how to appeal and they are endowed with extraordinary attractiveness, this is why they hardly ever suffer from the lack of attention from representatives of the opposite sex. However love affairs of Scorpios rarely meet their expectations; too often you get involved with people whom you’d better avoid. In order to become happy in love and to reach harmony with yourself, you have to learn to be picky. The less attention you pay to the people whose virtues are doubtful, the higher the possibility to meet a person the relationship with whom will surpass all your expectations is.

    2. My partner is only interested in sex.

Virtually all Scorpios are highly sensual and very attractive in personal aspect. The reverse of the medal is, alas, their promiscuity in relations. Yet, a Scorpio is often looking not only for physical, but for emotional closeness as well, but their partner simply doesn’t have the chance to guess about it.

Before engaging into a hard business of sorting out relationships and presenting pretences, Scorpios should work upon themselves. Scorpio horoscope suggests that the primary task is the search of a balance between your own emotional and sexual needs; having found it, you will become a more harmonious personality, and thus more predisposed to happiness. An important condition is the sincerity with your partner, the ability to openly discuss the issues which bother you.

    3. I do not trust my partner.

One of the characteristics of a Scorpio is being jealous, although sometimes they claim the opposite, and they have a very strong possessive instinct. In the most advanced cases those who deal with them become slaves of a total control which doesn’t miss out a single detail. Scorpios are very afraid to lose the one who is dear to them, and they prefer to limit their freedom instead of creating conditions where this person would not want to develop the relationships elsewhere.

In order to make the situation more comfortable for both of you, you will have to learn how to respect your partner’s right for personal space. Don’t forget that the disadvantage of the total control over your partner also lies in that the one who is totally yours will hardly be interesting for you for a long time.

    4. She/he doesn’t understand me.

Scorpios, especially young and without experience in personal life, should remember that not all people around them are endowed with strong and unmistakable intuition. In other words, your partner will sometimes find it hard, because you don’t even give him a hint as to where to look for the key to your heart or how to behave in order to deliver you from distress.

Despite all the power shown in their horoscope, Scorpios are mostly secretive. They rarely express their feeling openly and are not always totally honest even with themselves. You have to admit, and to confess to your partner, no matter how hard it is, that you have weaknesses, as well as harmful inclinations which you cannot fight alone. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it instead of waiting till it will be offered to you and getting offended because your partner doesn’t hurry to solve your problems.

    5. I can’t get rid of past mistakes.

Scorpios, more than representatives of other signs, are inclined to keep in the memory something which they had better forget. Emotional reminiscences of the relationships which didn’t bring them happiness bother them for a long time, not allowing them to open their souls for new affections.

Scorpio horoscope suggest that you learn to forgive yourself the mistakes committed and to forget the actions done by others. You, like no other person, should learn to start relationships from a new page and to treat their development with all seriousness. You are wise and provident, so use these gifts of the nature for your own sake.

    6. She/he is constantly criticizing me.

Scorpios do not really like facing a disapproving reaction to their actions and decisions. However there are some reckless people who try to show the right way to the representatives of this sign – of course, being led by exclusively noble motives.

Quite possibly, the critics and the reproaches coming from your partner are the defensive reaction of a person who feels that you are trying to manipulate him, to rule his actions. Try to retreat in time, listen to your partner’s opinion – even if it’s not the way you expected it to be.

    7. I get tired of relationships too fast.

Scorpios’ emotions are too strong to be long-lasting and stable. You need new impressions more than representatives of other Zodiac signs. However in order to get them you don’t have to necessarily break up with your partner and start a new search of an ideal soul mate: sometimes you just need a bit of time to have a rest and to relax.

In case you strive to serious relationships and you are not ready to content with a row of one-night stands, accept the fact that the emotional fullness of your romance will not always be the same. You will understand with time that even if you lost some brightness, you definitely gained more depth. Cherish the relationships which preserve love and compassion to each other – their value is huge, as well as the ability to have a harmonizing influence on both partners.

Career and professions in Scorpio horoscope

Scorpios have a gift to influence people, as well as master the rhetoric skills greatly, so there are especially many sales representatives, consultants, insurance agents and politicians among them. But they should not be content with this: Scorpios’ personalities are diverse; they can become remarkable philosophers, bright artists, and brilliant occultists.

In addition to that, the ability to negotiate even with a most capricious and demanding partner turns Scorpios into good peacekeepers able to settle any conflict.

Scorpios realize themselves successfully in medicine, especially in diagnostics. Moreover, they are not afraid to appeal to non-traditional methods of treatment and often carry out risky surgeries successfully.

There are a lot of inventors among Scorpios, but, unfortunately, few implementers. But the presence of a smart colleague-executor by their side may bring a triumph to Scorpios in various science-driven fields.

Sexuality of the sign in the horoscope for Scorpio

Sexual life of Scorpios is very uneven in the course of their life. They keep their chastity in early youth and content with platonic affections, however they normally enter the mature age with a fairly big experience, and not always positive.

Scorpios are incredibly, even magically, attractive, thirsty for love and sometimes sexually open-minded to the point of being almost immoral and promiscuous.

Nevertheless, no matter how highly Scorpios value erotic pleasures their ambition turns out to be stronger and in some situations individuals of this sign are capable of complete chasteness if they consider it helpful from the career point of view. It’s interesting that the offers to arrange their life with the help of an intimate liaison are often received and indignantly rejected by Scorpios which they sometimes secretly regret later.

Even rejecting serious relationships, Scorpios never stop charming and attracting new and new victims. Their allure is naturally very strong and refined so well that it is merely impossible to resist. However, Scorpios do not take the trouble to choose the most attractive, intelligent or interesting partners: they dissipate their charms very generously, which doesn’t contribute to their reputation in the best way, by the way.

It’s worth mentioning that a short love affair with a Scorpio is perceived by a lot of his or her partners as the brightest event in their lives: inventiveness and erotic unpredictability of people of this sign strikes right in the heart.

Marriage and compatibility in the horoscope of Scorpio

Scorpios are very dangerous partners in love – they cause heart wounds to others even without willing to do so. Family life of Scorpios is rarely harmonious: people of this sign either become home tyrants or lose their own selves and suffer from discomfort because of their adjustability.

Allowing complete freedom to their partner externally, Scorpios ruin themselves with suspicions and jealousy internally, and sometimes even appeal to such risky endeavors as spying or reading others’ correspondence. At the same time, they demand complete trust from their partners and would never forgive them similar tricks.

If Scorpios are the stronger individuals in the couple, they feel the happiest people in the world at first; however later they start accusing their partners of the weakness of character, and also themselves – of making a wrong choice. Representatives of this sign can only experience the true joy in love with a person capable of both ceding and insisting on their opinion.

A Scorpio often combines a not so happy marriage with a passionate romance, devoting himself or herself to it undividedly and ignoring others’ opinions. Generally, Scorpios settle their happiness despising traditions and common norms because they are sure that no one has the right to judge how they should or should not behave.

Culinary preferences in Scorpio horoscope

Scorpios normally stick to some definite cuisine or diet, considering it to be the best among all existing ones. They give way to their good appetite, knowing that with due desire they will easily get rid of the extra kilograms with the help of physical exercises.

As it’s also seen in the horoscope, Scorpios usually drink a lot (and not only alcoholic drinks; by the way, they are very careful about alcohol), although it’s not really healthy for them. It would be better to substitute the abundantly consumed liquid with juicy fruits or vegetables. Coffee should be excluded altogether, and green tea would be better than black or red.

People of this sign should not refuse meat, especially veal, and dairy products.

Scorpios are generally very sensitive to smells, and a lot of aromatic spices cause an allergic reaction to them.

Children horoscope for Scorpio

Even smallest Scorpios are real warriors. They have a fighting character; there is enough assertiveness, stubbornness and courage in any young representative of this sign. Parents find it hard to deal with such a child, since he or she will always find the way to stick to guns, gives concessions very unwillingly (if ever at all) and starts manipulating adults as soon as sees some demonstration of a weakness from their side.

A Scorpio, like no other person, needs a mentor who would be loving, but firm. Scorpio horoscope warns that if children born under this sign are not taught discipline, they will never learn to control their emotions, will be dependent on their own changeable mood, on some fleeting influences. It’s also important to pay attention to the development of such qualities as compassion, ability to forgive, patience and indulgence towards people. A strong character is definitely an advantage of Scorpios; yet, without heart warmth and soul softness they will hardly ever learn to interact with others and will not manage to sincerely enjoy communication even with those they love.

What adults should remember about Scorpios is that thy always have secrets – even if those are very innocent, childish. You should not rudely interfere with the world of such children: they indispensably need a certain imaginary “territory” the access to which is forbidden for others. Adolescent Scorpios especially inexorably defend their right for their private life. Parents have to use tricks not to offend their child with constant control, on the one hand, and to get at least some information about his or her life, on the other hand.

Children Scorpios have a huge supply of life force and energy; sometimes they seem to be totally tireless. Unfortunately this is what becomes the cause of problems: representatives of the sing fail to cope with their own destructive urges. Adolescent age is the most dangerous period in Scorpio horoscope. It’s especially good for Scorpios to do sports or dancing – it doesn’t only allow them to use their natural energy in peaceful ways, but also teaches them self-discipline and regular work.

Another important characteristic of Scorpio children is their extraordinarily strong intuition. If the relationship between the parents goes wrong, children will understand it without any words said; moreover, they easily guess about other’s secrets and privacies, thus gaining power over people.