Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

History of Tarot Cards

What are tarot cards? Tarot cards were recognized to mystical in all times. Their history is extremely interesting and breath-taking. There are many legends about appearance of first tarot card decks but still nobody knows when exactly first tarot card readers started their practice.

The most probable version convinces that human nature, ancient believes and ability of our ancestors to express their feelings through allegory. Wide spectrum of emotions was heartily embodied in images. Deep intuitional knowledge is a base conception in idea of tarot cards popularity nowadays. Almost everyone is striving to guess what future expects him or her and tarot cards reading seems to be one of the paths to enigmatic world of doubts and anticipations.

Whether it is worthy learning how to tarot situations and relationships or not depends on your own attitude to results of similar method to predict future. One way or another, you may just try to learn tarot for fun. It is so enthralling!

Tarot Cards and Their Meaning

It is important to underline that tarot cards and meanings are strictly individual as all of us have their personal preferences, convictions and world-view. Tarot cards interpretation is closely bound with

  • senses
  • psyche
  • principles
  • creativeness.

Accurate tarot readings open the door to subconscious and deep inner reasons of problems become clearer. Complicated questions find right answers and everything starts to seem simpler. Powerful stream of secret information washes away illusions concerning possible ways of life changes. Tarot reading for love will show whether you hopes for happy future with certain person can be such as you have dreamt about since your childhood.

Relationship tarot explains reflect the nature of personal terms. News about mercantile latent intentions of your fake friend or business partner is very unpleasant. But such hints of your fate show that choice of people for communication and commercial affairs should be made more carefully. Unmask your rivals and using virtual tarot cards. Moreover, free daily tarot reading will give useful advices what to do and what not to do in a particular day in definite circle of people and how to avoid possible inconvenient situations.

Experienced tarot readers know that veridical life drama, all scenes and act of which are staged by ourselves without distinctly expressed wishes, is just external realization of our inner fears, longings, growth and conflicts. 78 cards in a tarot deck show reveal all the aspects of human nature.

What is A Tarot Deck?

If you have taken decision to study yourself better and learn tarot it is high time to get known what tarot cards deck is.

Each deck comprises 78 cards divided into following groups:

  • Royal Arcana (22)
  • Minor Arcana (56)
  • Major Arcana (16)

22 cards of Major Arcana can be also called Triumphs, Majors, Trumps or Keys. Notwithstanding such a loud name, for proper reading tarot cards Minor Arcana is not of lower importance.

56 cards of Minor Arcana are usually referred to as Minors, but names suit cards or pips. Tarot card reader should take into account that minors play supportive role to majors and specify circumstances of the events or relationships.

In Minor Arcana consist of four types of special court cards (players): Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. One more division of Minor Arcana is its breaking into card suits:

  • Tarot Wands (Rods)
  • Tarot Cups (Chalices)
  • Tarot Swords
  • Tarot Pentacles (Discs)
Each suit comprises 14 cards. Thorough study of these tarot cards is very fascinating, but will take a lot of time because of their large quantity and multiple meaning. But it is hard to refrain from telling our readers some important details about each of mentioned above suits.

Tarot Wands

When you encounter on the internet free tarot cards reading suggestion, it is better to be already acquainted with main meaning of tarot suits. Let’s precede to learning tarot wands. This suit represents

  • Divine spark
  • Creativity
  • Spirit.

These cards show us where our energy directed, the power of passion and strength of our aspirations and intensity of our enthusiasm. It might be interesting for devoted tarot card readers that according Greek etymology “enthusiasm” means “being within good”.

Tarot cards interpretation may change our understanding of world radically. Their influence on out psychics is really life-changing. Tarot wand that are divine spark can animate us, heighten level of our confidence and strengthen believe in good. Quite a mystical effect, don’t you think?

On the most of cards in this suit we can see gnarled wooden clubs, wooden twigs and staves. Depictions of wood are not accidental. In ancient times it was believed to be a symbol of endless God’s wisdom and sanctuary inspiration. Druids were convinced that trees contain cosmic codes transmitted from Heaven to Earth by holy servants of our God Father. In this manner we come to conclusion that wood on tarot cards means transformational power of our subconscious wishes and aspirations.

One more significant detail on the tarot wands is fire. It is pictured flickering usually and denotes progress, passion, potential, drive, inspiration, impulse, momentum, pioneering, enterprise, enthusiasm, ingenuity and action.

In any tarot cards spreads wands mean initiative. Depending on the situation sometimes it can be carelessness or even thoughtlessness.

Tarot Pentacles

For reading Tarot card suits knowing what tarot pentacles are will be excessive. General meaning of cards in this suit is connection of everything with material and physical world.

Expert tarot reader will while ordering cards usually place pentacles cards last. They interpret this suit as executive. It means that creativity (wands), thought (swords) and emotions (cups) have no sense without materialization in the physical world.

Pentacles cover following spheres of material life:

  • Money
  • Homestead
  • Health.

We should remember that good, positive and balance is created by our own actions. Close study of tarot cards in this suit produces impression that pentacles are the base of all other suits and conceptions. They conceptualize equality, bounty, faith, generosity, charity, determination, groundednes, reprocity, responsibility, appreciation, dedication.

Try to form clear definition of these capacious concepts for yourself and tarot cards interpretation will present new acquaintanceship with your real face. Playing multiple roles during whole life, don’t forget what stands behind the word “human” and what is more important in this life.

Tarot Swords

Tarot swords are acknowledged to be the most heinous in between all tarot suits. To be true, dark sense is present in their meaning. Swords represent air phenomenon. Majority of scholars connect this tarot suit with various troubles and challenges. Swords may be perfectly defined by expression “light in long dark anfractuous labyrinth.” The main concepts of this suit are:

  • Observation
  • Self-image
  • Mind
  • Perception

Sometimes mind is quibblesome, it is not a secret. In such mood everything seems to be gloomy, enigmatic or even horrible, though it is not so. In any of tarot card spreads swords keep place of the most washed out. Dark colours, intuition, depression can be interpreted both as positive and negative.

Reading tarot cards, especially such multi-valued as swords will take some mental pains. Concept of Mind is of the most powerful instruments of human beings, using which people influence spiritual and material worlds. The irony here is that sword may be useful and dangerous; it kills and helps to save life.

Other spectrum of concepts included by tarot swords are: uncertainty, control, forthright, analytical ability, intelligence, confidence, assurance, decisiveness and clarity. Somewhat contradictive notions, do you agree?

Tarot Cups

Intuition, opening, illusion, impermanence, inclusion, illusiveness, completeness, sensuality, obsession, temptation, elevation – all these concepts are covered by Tarot cups. Good tarot card reader will easily determine key components, joining such a different notion together. They are:

  • Emotions
  • Psyche
  • Heart

This suit helps you to discover which emotions prevail at this very moment in your head, but still there is nothing in the world to be described as difficult as feelings and emotions. The ruling element of the tarot swords is water. Formlessness and nebulosity are its definitive features.

Name “cup” is symbolic. It means cup of love and comes out of legend about Psyche (soul) and Eros (love). Tarot Cups cards readings will discover completely new sides of your sensitive nature. Just interpret rightly what tarot cards tell you.

Tarot Star

We have told already how to interpret tarot suits. Let’s try to read separate card, which involves traits of the suit it belongs to, but also has its own specific aspects to be mentioned. Tarot star is very interesting example, which contains many symbols.

There is no person on our planet, who doesn’t like night sky spangled by shining stars. Little yellow dots send us their warm and energy. Tarot star card does the same. It promises better life and beams of hope brighten our souls.

The sky on this card is blue. This color denotes creativity and inspiration. Green color means peace and health. Nude maiden on this image symbolizes ease and deliberation. Flowing water is also very good sign. Future will be happy, because water is taking all problems away. Birds are denotation of the free flight of thought.

So, tarot star is warm, freedom, ease, happiness, energy, health and peace. It is very positive meaning!

Love Tarot

Reading the love tarot card is quite easy. First of all, we will count all the key notions, which concern image on the card: temptation, sex, passion, love, trust, union, communication and vulnerability.

These categories are basal for human relationships and for this reason this love tarot card is called a relationship tarot. Sometimes tarot reading for love is applied even in the sphere of business partnership. Symbolical elements on this picture are self-explanatory.

Eye contact plays vital role in communication. Nudity of lovers is an external sign of vulnerability and complete trust between people. White lily symbolizes innocence, purity and spiritual clarity.

Learning love tarot reading is not very difficult. Moreover, you may find many websites with virtual tarot cards and make an attempt to peep into your future without searching for a good tarot reader.

“Celtic” Tarot

There are numerous Celtic signs on tarot cards. Ancient culture of this nation left its traces even here. Below you can see names and meaning of the most popular symbols on “Celtic” tarots:

  • Triskelion – readiness for competition
  • Triquetra – holy symbol with many meanings (well-being, spirit, nature, cosmos and so on)
  • Triple spiral –power of women
  • Three rays – balance between male and female energies
  • Single spiral – growth, consciousness and birth
  • Five-fold – balance
  • Threefold – almost the same as Triple spiral
  • Double spiral – equinoxes and balance
  • Crosses – bridge between Earth and Heaven

Tarot Psychics

According to tarot explanatory dictionary Psychic is a human being, highly sensible to non-physical information. Physics are able to transmit this kind of info effectively and gain great respect due to such unusual skills. Usually they do not realize own potential, though their life is easy without this knowledge. Notion of Tarot Psychics is related to tarot cups suit.

Types of Tarot Cards Decks

Façade tarot cards and Waite-raider tarot cards are the oldest variations. At first time they were used not later than in 18th century.

Façade tarot cards included several subclasses, such as Voodoo tarot cards, Benedetti tarot cards and others. Nowadays word “façade” is widely used to denote all things connected with cards and fortune-telling and has lost old meaning.

Waite-raider tarot is a classical tarot deck, which can be used for all types of divinations. All images were designed by Edward Waite. This tarot deck was published in Great Britain in 1910. The main aim the artist pursued was to create pictures for communication their enigmatic sense.

How tarot readings will change my life?

Accurate Tarot readings can make great contribution to improvement of your current way of thinking. By changing your mind everything around you changes to better. Try to learn tarot and you will see that free daily tarot readings can ease your life substantially.