Taurus Constellation

One of the constellations in the zodiacal system is Taurus. It is very famous all over the world due to one of the intriguing stars with interesting name Aldebaran. This Taurus star takes the 13 place in the list of the brightest stars. Distance between our planet and Aldebaran is about 68 light-years. Constellation of Taurus has long history, which starts in Upper Paleolithic period. Taurus was the mark of the vernal equinox in the Early Bronze Age and Chalcolithic. While this constellation of Taurus denoted vernal equinox, in Babylonian astronomy it was the first zodiac sign and was called Alu. In Greek mythology this constellation was connected with Zeus, the supreme god.

Horoscope Taurus: General Description

Horoscope Taurus sign can be best characterized by two notions nobility and independence. Being very strong, Taurus people do not use their power until appropriate occasion comes, but frequently they lose opportunity to demonstrate such a grand potential. This is an unremitting toil is a Bull’s key to success, but not luckiness and persistence.

Taurus is unhurried in taking decisions as well as in taking actions. It is good for them to have an opportunity to meditate in solitude – Taurus people cannot be subjected to direct outside influence, but sometimes they can take somebody’s thoughts as their own ones.

Such characteristics of Taurus as kindness may cause some discomfort to him, because he expresses it too insistently. Besides that, they can press other people their opinion, force them to follow his example and do not miss other methods to influence their contact circles. Taurus hates lies, but can take advantage of it from time to time. As a rule, their words seem to be true.

Taurus strives to deserve public respect and adoration. He is very careful about clothing and wants to have an appearance of the prosperous person, though he is not so well-to-do.

People born under the Taurus star are invariable in their affections and aims. They are able to postpone realization of their ideas, but never forget their plans. Taurus finds his closest friends in childhood, when his character is flexible, but these relationships are kept carefully till his dying day.

It is not characteristic for Taurus to be cruel and revengeful, but he can’t forgive deception and betrayal, painfully suffering from abuse.

Women Taurus have exceedingly strong willpower, but their behavior is soft and delicate; tender insistence but not aggressive stubbornness is appropriate of them. They are not going to prove their right, even when they 100% sure. They are convinced that one day everything will be obvious. All these characteristics of a Taurus help representatives of this sign to wait patiently for a court of honor.

Men Taurus combine in their character calmness, prudence, romanticism and sentimentality in the incredible way. They are inclined to be leaders in their families. While Taurus male fulfills work tasks composedly, asks of his wife will be ignored with usual stubbornness.

Psychological Horoscope Taurus

Patience, calmness and somewhat passivism are the main traits of Taurus. Taurus people prefer to endure strokes of fate silently to giving up their goals. Chances of convincing them to abandon their plans are very small. Personality of Taurus enjoys calm and measured way of life. This zodiac sign avoids conflicts and catastrophes; his fate is well-disposed to him.

Representatives of Taurus sign set great value to all they have obtained; in romantic relationships they are true possessors. Person born under the Taurus star will be a perfect friend, but sooner or later he will express wish to be the only friend. Taurus is not talkative; he can be sincere only with close friends and relatives. Light-minded remarks and jokes are not his strong points.

Horoscope for Taurus asserts that people of this sign are inexorable in debates; they stand their ground and ignore their opponent’s argumentation. Even if verbal battle was lost, Taurus sticks his opinion.

It is not common for horoscope Taurus subjects to get rattled, but being in rage they are really frightful. They are not able to control themselves, their anger is boundless and relatives can hardly endure such terrible moments.

Taurus person would rather work than rest; honest livelihood is more preferable than legerdemain, family circle prevails over big companies. Love, from their point of view, is more important than frivolous relationships. Silence will be more pleasant for Taurus than vapid conversations.

According to horoscope observation, the most suitable for this sign place to live is country house, sinking in neat and comfortable garden.

Astrology for Taurus: the Ruling Element

The Element, which guards horoscope Taurus sign, is the Earth. This explains such characteristics of characteristics of a Taurus as mental ballast and profundity. Taurus belongs to such type of people who needs to be confident that his rear is secured. Their goals and aspirations should be well-defined,

The Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus) are distinguished through their practicality. In case of Taurus there is one more distinction: material values prevail over spiritual ones. His peace of mind depends greatly on coziness and convenience of his home or work space. Taurus people are not inclined to limn the water; they marvelous build the house where every person, who is dear for them, will be expected

Representatives of the Taurus zodiac sign are like careful agriculturist, who doesn’t hurry to gather in the crops straight after the sowing. They are ready to wait until the harvest is ripe. People of this sign will patiently take pains to achieve the goal, as if heartening the soil, where vital seeds are planted.

Health Horoscope Taurus

Representatives of the Taurus sign have got strong and sturdy character. It is sufficient for most of them just to take walks on the fresh air to keep fit.

Living in the city, Taurus suffers from the diseases connected with throat, nose and lungs. Exacerbations of the chronic illnesses happen rarely, but their healing takes much time. Taurus puts trust in doctors. In addition to that, they can use homeopathic medicines.

Taurus subjects have no problems with digestive system, but many of them suffer from the excess weight. They enjoy comfort and like tasty food. Restrictions in nutrition, making exercises and sitting on different diets are not for them.

Other weak points of Taurus are legs, ankles, back and spine column. Disorders of genital organs are also possible, but being sick this sign visits s doctor timely. It rarely comes to chronic phase.

Love Horoscope Taurus

One of the strongest points of the personality of a Taurus, which will be of service in all spheres of life, is cautiousness of the representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign. They always make decisions deliberately and ponder over possible consequences thoroughly. Approaching the goal, Taurus by no means always chooses the shortest way. They prefer the most secure ways with space for free maneuvering. In spite of external meekness, flexibility and peacefulness, people born under the Taurus star are quite stubborn and selfish. Those people, who have already dealt with Taurus, are aware of the dual nature.

Majority of Taurus persons can be very happy in marriage and romantic relationships, their longing for peace and harmony usually win inner battle with obduracy. Representatives of this sign feel want for peace of mind, inherently connected with stability of financial welfare, confidence in the future and possibility to satisfy all their needs. While being not lazy, this sign easily fulfill daily duties, but he is always ready to share them with partner.

Let’s see which problems bother Taurus and how to solve them.

Taurus has difficulties with choosing the suitable partner

Though contact circle of the representatives of this zodiac sign is wide enough, it is not an easy undertaking to find a person, attractive for Taurus. Close to them people often think that Taurus makes steep demands.

Actually, choice of the partner (even potential) is very serious step for this horoscope sign. There is nothing shameful or worthy to be condemned here. At long last a person is looking for another one, who will meet his requirements and has absolute right to do that. But this method will be more effective after some correction. Remembering that people change, sometimes due to productive relationships, Taurus can change tough position concerning for this situation

It is of immense importance for representatives of this horoscope sign to have common aims with their partners – the intuition of Taurus will help them to figure out whether their future with certain person can be happy. Man Taurus usually understands the essence of this idea: achievement of success together with beloved will take less time and bring more pleasure.

Let’s think over the other aspect of this problem is invariably connected with people surrounding Taurus. They are ready to take an effort to draw attention of this astrological sign. But the latter is not able to make his choice, because he remarks vices only. The way out is concentration on the advantages of all the candidates to conquer heart of this cold-headed sign. Fastidiousness is quite good trait of Taurus, but being objective can benefit him significantly.

Taurus male gets into such situations as described further quite often. He is dating with wonderful person, highly appreciates his/her moral virtues, admires his/her achievements – but feels no passion to such a perfect creature. The thing is that influence of Venus as a ruling planet of this zodiac sign makes Taurus to pay much attention to the appearance. In comparison with other signs he is more sensitive to beauty and any imperfection hurts him deeply. This is one of the characteristics of a Taurus. Widening of his aesthetic scope to the maximum is all he can do to solve this problem. The more diversified his ideas as for beauty and harmony will be the more attractive people in his surrounding he will notice.

Taurus doubts about his/her choice

Taurus female has already the ideal match, but the further their relationships are developing, the less her partner meets her expectations. Everything he does is wrong. He asks too many questions, his bad habits irritate delicate by nature woman Taurus. In addition to all that, her partner ignores her advices.

For Taurus male it is improbable to miss somewhat substantial vices of his potential partner, when making choice. Men are very careful both at the beginning of the relationships and on “pre-romantic” stage, when he hasn’t presented yet neither flowers not his smile. So, horoscope of Taurus recommends him not to blame himself for a false choice; his partner is not guilty in all or some of the deadly sins. Taurus male should guess why his beloved takes actions irritating him.

Men Taurus like to be leaders. Genuine reason of their discontent may ground on the feeling that he receives a decent rebuff. Readiness to make compromises is not enough for harmony in love relationships. Taurus people should afford more independence to their partners.

Sometimes Taurus gets disappointed not because of his partner, but because of the relationships. For instance, in the beginning his love affair seemed to be ideal, but now it has turned into the chaos consisting of reproaches and quarrels. This sign feels to be underestimated, stalemated and deprived of the opportunity to act. In a word, he is unhappy.

This problem may be caused by conservative convictions and stubbornness, appropriate of Taurus. When he finds “his” person, real relationships may not be corresponding to the picture painted by his luxuriant imagination. His beloved has right to his/her scheme too. Taurus is by no means always ready to give up his habits and addictions. Men Taurus should try to express his wishes in more delicate manner and acknowledge that critical remarks addressed to them can be constructive.

Taurus is doing something wrong

Taurus female has got well-developed intuition and always knows when her partner is dissatisfied with something. But finding out the reason of such situation can be a complicated task. Instead of enjoying company of her beloved she begins looking for mistakes in her behavior, not suspecting that this way is dangerous for her relationships. Escaping from problems is not an appropriate solution in such cases.

Women female usually pay much attention to material issues; they appreciate convenience and financial independence. At the same time they lose their peace of mind. This is an exact reason their partner is not happy. Many representatives of this sign think over practical matters, they do not guess that reason of their misfortunes is founded on their excessive attention to the material world.

Asking her partner about his concerns, Taurus female should be more careful to his mood, plans and dreams. Most probably, the couple will find mutual understanding in this way, if Taurus is not settled to seek unambiguous answers to all the questions. A droplet of the understatements and a sort of the freedom for maneuvering will save these romantic relationships.

Taurus doesn’t get along with his/her partner

Taurus people are clever and level-headed; they know what they want and know how to get it. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to put to use all these wonderful virtues. If their beloved will help them, his/her actions may seem to Taurus to be unreasonable and inappropriate. Such attempts to take part in affairs of this sign of zodiac will result in irritation and quarrels. One more point, which causes discomfort, is steep demands to a partner, expectation of the actions, which are not characteristic for him/her.

It is important for women Taurus to speak with partners about their wishes timely and in a delicate manner, but being ready to take care about satisfaction of their needs will be useful for them too. Taurus females are advised to pay attention to their beloved, giving him confidence that he doesn’t play second fiddle in their lives.

It is necessary to take into consideration that words “to love” and “to possess’ have different meaning. Such characteristic of a Taurus as somewhat high-handedness mingles with their acknowledgement that his partner has inherent right to personal space, existence of which is an obligatory condition of harmonious development of the relationships. No matter whether Taurus already married is or is dating with somebody – anyway his beloved is not his propriety. Any person has his/her own desires, aspirations and dreams. Otherwise, this person would have been of no interest for this astrological sign.

When relationships are serious and confidential, representatives of this sign should act in a way suggested by astrology for Taurus. Straight talk with beloved of the Taurus subjects will make clear what each of the partners dreams about and how to accomplish their common goals. Making a compromise is not easy, but in most cases it is possible. Such efforts will be rewarded with harmony in relationships.

The person, attractive for Taurus, doesn’t return affection

Taurus male, not confident in feelings of a person who captivated his heart, turns into the ingenious strategist. Representatives of this sign realize very well what they need to begin love relationships and find immense quantity ways to create necessary conditions. Usually they give up fighting a losing battle quite speedily. But in cases when it seems that their feelings have response, they get confused.

What beloved of this sign should know about Taurus is that unexpected actions will help them to conquer an affectionate person with such interesting character forever. Other variant is to bу careful and pay attention to actions and mood of a person, who doesn’t get along with you. In other words, Taurus expects to be invited to the restaurant, but he loses opportunity to talk with a partner in the informal settings and to discuss his future. It may be sufficient for both participants of these relationships to relax and show their real faces without masks.

Men Taurus are fond of conquering numerous fortresses. It would have been better to keep away from some of them. All is not gold that glitters.

Unhappy love has ruined life of Taurus

Representatives of the horoscope sign Taurus endure break-offs of the relationships grievously. Even in case these relationships were not serious and deep. If the question is really strong feelings, it may come to depression, complete switching off the life and loss of the hope to be happy. Taurus people have always taken very seriously their partners’ choices. When Taurus subjects are not able to find right way to their beloved, their all blames go to themselves.

On one hand, Taurus female feels lonely and strives to start new relationships; on the other hand she can’t find the person she would like to date with. She scares to make a false choice. Bearing in mind her sorrowful experience, she promises to be more prudent, careful and attentive this time. Sometimes she spurns those people, who had all chances to meet her requirements. Some Taurus subjects build around themselves high wall of insults and pretenses, negative and pessimistic worldview. They think that they do not deserve to be happy and enjoy all presents of the fate.

For these unlucky ladies Taurus the only chance to be successful is being self-confident. To be fixed on searching the ideal person is of no good. Being secured from unpleasant adventures is impossible and development of the relationships requires presence of serious intentions from the both sides.

Taurus astrology admonishes representatives of this horoscope zodiac sign to lead an active life, to enjoy communication and to be easy-going. Events will take their own course.

He/she is not initiative in relationships with Taurus

Horoscope Taurus sign is very demanding. Being strong people by nature, they are prone to share emotions with partners. They want to receive not less than they give. Beginning of the of the romantic relationships makes them believe that the partner’s attention will be always so intensive. But even on this stage break-off is possible. Sometimes trying to make surprise for his beloved, Taurus male doesn’t see back reaction and gets disappointed.

Discomfort in the beginning of the love affair can be caused by excessive interest of Taurus to sex. Chosen person should be aware that Taurus people are interested in him/her as a personality with rich inner world, but not just as a sexual object. In addition to that, on this stage it may be useful for representatives of this zodiac sign to lower the level of their material demands. Dating in the luxuriant restaurants and visiting fashionable events are wonderful, but they can be not as fascinating as “democratic” walks along the streets.

When relationships become more serious, Taurus representatives take pains to make their sweetheart delighted and pleased and feel confused after getting neither attention nor gratitude in response.

Women Taurus are prone to make great contributions to their relationships. They set immense value to family and love and spend much time trying to construct reality corresponding to the wonderful picture in their imagination.

Career Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus is an excellent or, speaking more exactly, irreplaceable employee. Such people are not afraid of monotonous and wearisome work. They remain calm being in fussy and contentious environment.

Taurus people are endowed with outstanding talent to exact sciences; their work is accurate and neat. On account of that they can succeed in banking and book-keeping spheres. They are splendid auditors and qualified clerks.

Taurus is very enthusiastic about agriculture, gardening and planting the flowers. If Taurus won’t work on the farm, he can sell it at a very favorable rate. He knows real value of the soil and real estate, are able can easily sort out complicated questions connected with inheritance and tax assessment. Besides that, representatives of this sign are endowed with great business intuition, due to which they can be perfect chiefs. The only weak point of Taurus worker is his inability to take decisions quickly.

Representatives of Taurus zodiac sign are great musicians, poets and artists. They follow traditions and do not search for new ways of self-expression. They are not interested in a worldwide glory and won’t be upset because of its absence.

Sexual Astrology for Taurus

Taurus usually has many love affairs. As for this sphere of life, their convictions are quite traditional; many of them remain virgin till marriage. In a role of the wife or husband they are very attentive and careful to their second part and family.

In sexual relationships Taurus is more delicate than passionate; people of this sign are not inclined to make experiments in this sphere. Men Taurus do not spare efforts while satisfying desires of their partners. They are leaders and can’t stand dominating women.

Taurus females never allow doing something unpleasant to them even in case of big love.

Enamored Taurus can be coaxed, but hardly will confess that he is discontented with something.

Horoscope for Taurus: Marriage and Compatibility

Taurus people treat issues connected with family and marriage very seriously. They choose their wife or husband with their usual deliberateness. Early marriages are unhappy and produce negative influence future life of Taurus. Healing their heartache will take long time, especially if their family was broken because of adultery.

Taurus expects his partner to be serious, persistent and constant. They are not worshippers of versatility and inclination to diversity. Being very grateful for small favor, representatives of this sign will never lose their heads.

Taurus subjects can fall in love with Gemini or Pisces. In this case he can expect that his affection will find response, because he is able to give these signs stability, peace and confidence in future.

Relationships of two Taurus representatives will be great for work but not in love. The most compatible with Taurus zodiac sign is Capricorn. Their love story will be passionate and bright. Marriage with Cancer is predicted to be stable and full of respect. It would be better for Taurus to keep away from Leo and Scorpio.

Culinary Horoscope Taurus

Taurus likes eating tasty food and remains a candy hound till he is old and grey. Their body is used to accumulate energy and in their middle ages representatives of this sign are somewhat plumpish.

Astrologers recommend Taurus subjects to control intake of farinaceous and fatty dishes. Fortunately, people born under the Taurus star like fruits and vegetables and vitamin deficiency doesn’t hang over them.

Astrology of Taurus Children

Taurus-child can be both a veridical curse and a source of the endless joy for his parents. It depends on upbringing method, chosen by relatives.

Pressing young Taurus and giving him orders, which cannot be discussed, is the best way to break harmonious relationships once and for all. From their early years representatives of this sign are more sensitive to amenity, tenderness and calm persuasion. Their expectations are very often too high. Being a man of solid sense, Taurus won’t turn nasty after confusions and disappointments.

Taurus-children are hard-working, neat and zealous pupils. They don’t become bored with monotonous tasks.

Taurus Cusps

Aries/Taurus cusp (dates April 19 – April 26) is guarded by Venus and Mars. Personalities born in this period are romantic by nature. They adore unexpected surprises, for example, action-shows. Because of love to beauty, they choose professions connected with fashion, dancing, acting in films.

Gemini/Taurus cusp (dates May 19 – May 26) is a cusp of energy, ruling planets of which are Mercury and Venus. These cuspians are great composers. Being very emotive people by nature, they need to express their feeling in any possible way. Gemini/Taurus subjects set huge value to independence. Such freedom-loving natures as they would rather die from starvation than sit in a gold cage.