Horoscope Virgo 2005

Horoscope Virgo 2005

(24 August-23 September)

Horoscope Virgo 2005 underlines the necessity to make decisions and to take responsibility not only for your own words and actions, but also for that of your close acquaintances. And there's nothing to be done as “God helps those who help themselves”.

Business. In 2005 Virgo will continue to develop the business started last spring or autumn. Many representatives of this sign will put a too heavy burden on themselves, constantly feeling responsible for everything, including the smallest details. Horoscope Virgo 2005 finds this behavior correct, as among friends or adherents some hostile movements are growing, preventing Virgo from putting an important and necessary project into life. Conflicts are quite probable to be breaking out constantly, and the most difficult months are January, the end of March and April. Horoscope Virgo foresees a possible separation with one of the business colleagues or long-standing partners. In another case you will have problems with high-rank persons or protectors that will aggravate business affairs and contacts. However, despite all the difficulties and even against them, the business goes forward and many plans and ideas are being put into life. The stars are granting you help and resources, as they are entirely on your side, and are offering you a chance to transform your business affairs. Expansion of business, purchase of office and other transformations in affairs are possible. Businessmen and heads of departments can rely on their assistants and subordinates; employees may trust their colleagues. According to horoscope, Virgo can expect a success in affairs or career development in February or in June. In the second half of the year some problems will appear. Connections with partners from other cities and countries will be revised. Overseas colleagues can fail to fulfill their obligations that will cause disagreements and slow down the activities. The peak of troubles will be reached in autumn, and November may prove to be the hardest month. It is possible that you’ll have to part with some of your foreign colleagues, but new connections will appear instead of old ones, and business will be renewed, but on a stronger basis. As horoscope Virgo says, planning to start a business abroad or in another city will achieve a desirable success in the following year of 2006. At the same time, some people will start having juridical problems that can last for all the second half the year and end only in 2006.

Money. Horoscope Virgo 2005 predicts a general increase of income. In February, June and October you can expect to get some decent money. But charges, however, will increase correspondingly. For some of you it will be connected with developing of business, for others -with plans to move or to purchase premises in another city or country. Many expenses will concern children or close people.

Love, family. Private and romantic relations won’t go smoothly, and many problems are particularly expected in January and April with a significant coolness in feelings. It is especially actual for those, who have used to mix business affairs, money and love. This time some families may face difficulties with children that will result in immense expenses.  Many families will decide to buy a house in another city or other country, and these complicated activities will be finished by summer. Horoscope Virgo maintains that possible plans to move to a new house will come true in 2006. In the second half of the year Virgo will have problems with relatives that may be reflected in different dimensions. In one case, close people will take a position contradicting to Virgo interests, in another case, they will need help, that will be a heavy burden for Virgo.

Health. In 2005 the energy level of Virgo is quite high and diseases are not likely to occur. Horoscope Virgo 2005 advises to be careful about the body at the end of March and in April, as these months will bring a fall of power and acute conditions. In the second half of the year November is a hard month, and special attention should be taken in trips and while driving.